All You Need To Know About Guttering



All You Need To Know About Guttering

If you live around an area which receives ample amount of rain, then the excess water can be troublesome. But of course there are ways to get around that and one of the oldest methods is the use of guttering system. Gutters are designed to divert the rain water away from your place and drain it away to prevent the weakening of the foundation of your building. The key idea here is to streamline the flow of the water so that it does not unpredictably run off in all directions. It is important to have a durable and strong guttering system that can stand heavy rainfall, therefore, it is wise to get professional help of a plumbing company like Plumbingfix.

What Type of Gutter You Should Install

After you have made the sensible decision of getting a guttering system installed, it will be beneficial for you if you fully understand the materials that are used to make gutters so you can make the best possible choice. Aluminum gutters are considered to be the most appropriate for this job. They are lightweight and durable in that they do not rust and require little maintenance. Easy to install, they are available in many different colors to blend in with the color of your house or wall.

Vinyl is also a good choice because it has more or less the same properties; rust proof, lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and install. The added advantage is that vinyl gutter is cheaper but if you live in an extremely cold environment, then you can skip vinyl because it tends to become brittle and crack in extreme temperatures below zero.

A more expensive option would be stainless steel or copper gutters. Although these are equally durable and low maintenance as aluminum and vinyl, they cost more because of their more attractive appearance.

If you want a more rustic and authentic looking addition to your house then you should opt for wooden gutters, however since natural wood is very vulnerable to rotting when exposed to water, it is used more for aesthetic purposes. Woods such as cedar, redwood and fir are the best options because they are stronger against rotting than the other types. If you live in an area that promotes mold growth, it is wise to first consult with before installing wooden gutters.


Autumn is the season in which you will really be put to work on your guttering because during this period dirt, debris and most annoyingly, leaves start accumulating which reduces the efficiency.  To make the job easier for yourself, make sure your gutter is always free of dirt and debris because even the smallest amounts can clog up the spout at the end. In case of heavy rainfall, an overflow will prove to be quite damaging for your walls and ceilings. Also, if the dirt hardens up before you clean, it will be difficult to remove it. The best way to go about this would be to spray it with water using a hose. Keep checking your pipes for rusting; it can lead to leakage if the holes are not repaired and allowed to get bigger.

If your gutter needs to be repaired on maintained too often, then think of changing your entire guttering system. It might cost you more immediately but in the long run it will be beneficial as you do not have to spend on maintenance.


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