Here For Them: Living Longer By Taking Positive Steps

Once you have children, the world is whole lot different seen through your eyes. You want to be here long enough to see them become an adult and start a prosperous future for themselves. When they’re little, you start to realize this is not a certainty. You start to live for them, hoping to not only provide them with a good living standard but to be there for them when life gives them lemons. So it’s time for a little self-examination of how you’re living and whether you can improve some areas about yourself. We all do things that we know we shouldn’t which can be frustrating but it’s just part of the human condition. However no one is set on rails, and you can detour at any moment from negative habits. This is especially true and completely possible in the modern world of consumerism. There are so many alternatives that not taking advantage would be lazy and short sighted.

Changing how you eat

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Avoiding greens like the plague


If you’re one of those people that will make any excuse, not to consumer greens you have a question what you’re really running from. There’s an image that maybe we keep from childhood that salads are bland and boring. They somehow conjure a feeling that eating is a chore. Maybe the simple salads are such, but you can add almost anything in salads to jazz them up. Try putting in some lean meats such as steak, roast chicken, roast duck, barbecue shrimp etc. get exotic with fruits that you rare eat such as pomegranate, watermelon, kiwi, avocado, apricots, blueberries etc. part of the reason we don’t eat enough salad is because we seem to believe leafy foods like cabbage and lettuce are what makes the dish. Absolute nonsense as salads is a mix and match platform. As long as vegetables and fruits outnumber any other food, go ahead and get impulsive.





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On a cleaner path


Substances play a big role in the state of your health. They are human vices, and sometimes we use them to cope with the everyday churning of chores and errands that cause some stress. However as you’re now living for your children, it’s time to stop being over-indulgence. Explore the dopeboo hand pipes if you’re ready to cut back on smoking and to put yourself on a cleaner path. Vaping has taken off in culture and gave birth to an entirely new industry that is skyrocketing. You have the choice of different designs that are playful, come in intricate shapes, wild colors, varying sizes and effectiveness. The pipes fit easily in your pocket so you can take them anywhere as part of your lifestyle. There are affordable pipes for someone not looking to splash out too much, and there are more elaborate products for someone who may be a connoisseur.


Cutting back on your habits will undoubtedly allow you to live longer which is, of course, the end goal. Stop avoiding salads like they’re the plague and instead make them your platform of food customization. The consuming of substances has changed whereby unhealthy practices are a choice. Varying products and cultural shifts have made it vaping popular more so than traditional smoking.


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