How To Build A Team That Will Never Let You Down

Building a productive positive business team

According to the Harvard Business Review, positive teams are more productive (image:


A study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2015, found that incentivising and rewarding employees had very little to do with high staff performing levels. Instead, the team of researchers concluded that the most effective tool for keeping employees happy was to build an atmosphere in which teamwork could flourish and be the core of all activities.


This included treating employees as friends, supporting each other in the everyday and when carrying out complex tasks, avoiding blame and instead taking responsibility for mistakes, practising forgiveness, being able to inspire your colleagues, and being respectful and trustworthy.


Given the above, maintaining your team’s health is more important than you might have previously thought and, as a result, here are the three things you should consider if you too want to see your team happy.


Attain a qualification


Studying is always the best way to acquire a new skill that will see you climb to the top. Workplace practices should be taken seriously by all employers and as a result, going back to university is an excellent idea for you to learn the best practices you will then be able to apply in your working environment. These lean online courses will not only ensure that you don’t have to leave your home to gain a new qualification, but they will also provide you with a solid education with which you could see your career flourish as a result of you having learnt the basics behind workplace management.

Talk to your employees


We do not only take things for granted in our personal life; we also do so at work. When you are managing a workplace, it is easy for you to overlook the aspect of employee satisfaction. You get in every day and see faces that do not initially pose any cause for concern, but beware, the real truth of your workforce’s state of mind might lay underneath that calm and happy appearance. The best way to find out how your employees are finding their work is to approach them and ask them directly. Schedule meetings with your staff and ask them questions about the tasks at hand and their performance. Regular meetings will ensure you create an atmosphere of trust in which your employees can speak up about any issue that might be in the way of them performing at their best.


Practise gratitude in your workplace


Easier said than done, specially when you didn’t start your day in a good way, but practising gratitude will contribute to your general well-being, and as a result, the effects of this cannot be overlooked. By noticing the small things that make your life a blessing and paying more attention to these than to those that annoy you, you will give way to a calmer and happier mind. Furthermore, if you practice gratitude at the workplace, you will create an atmosphere in which teamwork will flourish, and respect will be the basis of all exchanges. Your employees will look up to you and decide they too want to give expressing gratitude a go.


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