Pregnancy Blues: Comfort In Your Third Trimester


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Pregnancy has three clear stages, and by the final trimester, you cannot wait to get that baby out of you. Those last three months? They can be awful. You can’t sleep, you’ve been pregnant for what feels like 8-9 years let alone 8-9 months. And every day that progresses brings a different level of discomfort. But there are a few solutions to your third-trimester problems – and here are a few ways to beat the final stages of your pregnancy blues.


Rest easy


It’s all too easy for women in their final trimester to push themselves too hard. There is so much on your mind that keeping busy seems like the ideal solution, but too many expectant mothers overdo it. The reality is that you have to start taking it easy, or all those aches and pains are going to get worse. Accept help whenever it is offered, relax a little more than usual, and take plenty of calming, relaxing baths every night whenever possible.


Dress easy


The clothing you wear can have a huge impact on your comfort levels. As point out, backaches, swollen ankles and feet, and exhausted legs are all common. And when you are wearing super tight clothes it’s typical to feel like you are a vacuum packed piece of meat rather than an expectant mother. So, always be on the lookout for proper maternity clothes and comfortable shoes – even if they don’t flatter you, the relief they can give you is something else!


Ease the pain


Once your tummy starts to get really big, bear in mind that your body is going to have to work super hard to support it. You can give your baby some space by keeping your back straight and avoiding slumping forward on a hunch. This also has the added benefit of increasing your air intake, as it will expand your lungs. Pregnancy belts can be a fantastic option if you are particularly large and uncomfortable. It will give your back a lot of much-needed support. You should also try and support yourself when sleeping. Give the small, sturdy travel pillows a try, rather than traditional pregnancy pillows. They are much more accurate for targeting those specific pain points.


Take advantage of therapy.


You don’t need much more of an excuse to pamper yourself than being a pregnant woman in their final trimester! Although to be honest, ‘pampering’ probably isn’t the right term to use – massage and warm water therapies are more of an essential! Get your partner to give you regular massages, and try out some pregnancy exercises, too. Again, you don’t want to push yourself too hard, but some basic yoga can help you stretch out, relax, and feel great – albeit temporarily.


Eat little and often.


Finally, don’t forget about heartburn – it can be incredibly uncomfortable, although something you can control by being sensible. According to, no matter how hungry you are, it’s important to eat small amounts of food, on a regular basis. You’ll be giving your body a chance to digest your food properly by eating small amounts, and in doing so will reduce your heartburn by a significant amount. I hope these tips help!


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