Finding Time For Yourself When You Have Young Children

If you find that you can’t even go to the bathroom alone, then it could be time to make more time for a mommy time-out. When you’re a busy mom you can rarely get any chance to be alone. Even when the kids are in bed, you might quite like the idea of reading a book in silence, but then you may have a partner to talk to, as well as do certain chores around the home. Just know that you are not alone in this; mothers all over the world crave some time-out to be alone or do something that they enjoy from time to time. So for all the busy moms that need a break but can’t find the time, here are a few ways that you can make time for some time-out.

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Make It Part of Your Routine


As much as sometimes we try to deny it, our children, as well as us, like to have routine. So in order to make your mommy-time, then shouldn’t it be scheduled in as part of your routine? If your children are little, then it can be best done during nap time. But if you have older children, then it could just be a certain time of the day when you can sit down guilt-free to enjoy reading a book or doing some yoga. No make excuses for it! Make sure that it happens.


Treat Yourself


If getting out of the house by yourself, or even on a date night is rare, then look for ways to be able to treat yourself. Can your mom or a babysitter come over at least once every few weeks to babysit so you can go to for a massage or have a spa day? Even just going to the store alone can be a dream. But it is important to treat yourself from time to time. Whether that is a piece of jewelry from an online store like this jewelry company, or you get yourself some new jammies or gym clothes. So that even when you are at home being mom, you can feel uplifted and more like yourself.


Wake Up Earlier


The thought of getting up earlier can be hard, especially if your children are not good sleepers. But if you normally leave your alone time until the evening, then it can be likely that you are too tired to get anything done then. Or at least too tired to enjoy it and just want to go to bed. Which is why getting up earlier can be key. If your children have a regular wake time, just thirty minutes before them can give you time to do some exercise or simply make and eat a good breakfast in peace.


Set a Timer


Depending on the age of children, it could be a good idea to set a timer for your mommy-time. You could call it quiet time for the children where they watch a cartoon or do some Lego building until the timer goes off. If you make it something that they can look forward to, then it gives you the chance the have ten minutes to check your emails or paint your nails.


What works for you?

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  1. I used to wake up earlier, but now my kids wake up earlier than I do and they catch up on cartoons while I get the rare opportunity to sleep in. It’s the perfect way to get in some quiet time!

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