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  My Name is Kimberly. Thank you for checking out my beloved blog, my favorite hobby! 

   I am a homeschooling mother of 5, surrogate mother of 2, and a military wife. My family is my life, my joy, my bliss. I love blogging about them, about what works for us, and what doesn’t. I aim to inspire and inform on topics like pregnancy, home birthing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, baby wearing, crafting, homeschooling, childhood development, green eco-friendly living and just being open and honest. All those things that some might consider Crunchy. A little crunchy is what I am, what you might be too! Parenting crunchy is not all or nothing and it is not a contest. I am far from perfect, and I will share that side too! I aim to help other mothers know what they are good enough, that what they do does matter and that being crunchy, a parent, is not a race.

    I got married to my prince at 18 and here almost 19 years later we are still in love and feel very lucky. It is my fairy tale. However it is not all rainbow unicorn poop. (a joke with friends)

My husband is in the military and as you might imagine it is not always or even often easy. You might see posts about that as well. My health is another cloudy topic you might see me posting about. Really, there is a little bit of everything on this blog, a bit like all of our lives I think. Life is supposed to be shared I believe. You do not have to agree, and as always, I could be wrong! 

    I am glad your reading this, it means I am not alone, you are not alone, and we can share little portions of our journey together and maybe not trip over the same stones because we warned one another. Maybe we will find those perfect little spots to rest because we sharing those experiences together.



 On to my Family:

Husband is = DH or Hotty Hubby, or Wonder Hubby

17 year old daughter is = Hope Pixie

11 year old son is = Mr Handsome

9 year old daughter = Storm Baby

7 year old daughter = Smilie Baby

1 year old daughter = Roar

Surrogate Daughters = Surro Babies  (both beautiful teenagers!) 


 Likes: Crunchy topics! Crafting, Reading, Writing, Friends, Family relationships, activism, Free thinking, the colors black and purple, chocolate, NaNoWriMo, Mystic Topaz, learning new things, teaching children, exploring with my family, getting lost with  my husband, still learning things from my parents, helping people, helping animals, pets, art and supporting starving artists, finding things that make domestic life better, my Nikon camera, my fast laptop, my geeky passions like Firefly and Doctor Who, little people smiles, field trips, and lots of time with my family.

Dislikes: Cooking (told you I was not perfect and not a do it all mom!) Laundry, dumb comedy (such as people hurting themselves, being mean, or overly vulgar), thumpers, dishonestly, hot weather, people who talk at the theater, the color yellow, pumpkin pie, deployments, being sick, and the service engine soon light!    🙂

   While my blog is a few years old, I really jumped into it in 2012 and I started to earn revenue from it from advertising products and services. I may receive advertising income from blog ads and links on my blog in the future as well.  All my opinions are my own though and I will stay honest of course. I really love that my blogging time also helping to add to my family lives in a new and different way. 

If you have a blog, product, site that you think I might like, please let me know either by commenting or by sending me an e-mail.

All the best, 


Please e-mail Me at littlecrunchy at gmail dot com



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