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The buzz of learning is twirling all around us now. It is Back-To-School time for millions of students! Many schools in the south have started and we know that right after Labor Day the rest will follow. Of course some kids school all year around and many homeschoolers do their own “thing” too! We know you are busy getting ready and making sure everything runs smooth. Here are the best products and tips to help you feel like you are on top of it all and help your child’s school year go fantastically smooth!



School and Homeschool Supplies and Gear:

Get Organized Supplies Tips Back to School

Some of the most amazing supplies can be gotten online. They make getting school work done fun, and being organized, such a joy! Don’t forget to use the coupon code GYID77, to receive 25% off your order! 




Boost Mobile offers the perfect back to school phones for students from elementary level thru university on a budget Parents can handle! In this day and age, cell phones are thought of as safety and this holds true even for children. When my kids are not with me, I want them to be able to get a hold of me or call for help. This can be costly though depending on your service. You could go with a cheap phone but the more a child likes their cell phone, the more apps they use, the less likely they are to misplace it. Getting a great smart phone at a great price for your student is possible.


04 is DIFFERENT and rather extraordinary! It is clothing that says something often in an expected way about real experiences from around the world. Clothing that makes you think and feel in ways most just don’t. The fashion world doesn’t normally speak to me, but this clothing screams! You have to see this line to fully understand. This is just one of the many pieces that my family likes, by dfrntpigeon artist Jonah. It is made by a Portland screen printing company called New Avenues Ink. They give training and jobs to at risk and homeless youth. This clothing line is deep on many levels and that is something I know readers at can handle and appreciate!

 No school supply list is complete without Pilot of course! 



Precise Deco – These style designed pens are not only beautiful to look at, but to write with. My husband is a brilliant geek with a very geektastic job and loves that his military uniform has the perfect pockets for many pens. He keeps one of these in black ink of course with him at all times. He says the ink flows better than other kinds and the design of the pen fits his pocket smoothly. He says the ink flows in a way that it doesn’t for many other pens and he writes very quickly and dislikes having to go back over words, and this pen makes it so he doesn’t have to unlike some other kinds. He specially likes the ultra fine tip. For me, I never much noticed these details honestly. I normally “borrow” one of his pens and if I like he, he never sees it again. LOL Our teenager is a mix between my husband and I. He has pens that are his very favorites and he will hunt down Pilots pens like this in the store. Pen shopping is something he loves actually. Our daughter likes pen shopping too, but rather than focusing on the flow of the ink and the line quality, she wants pretty ones. These pens are perfect for all of us!


FX ColorStix

FriXion ColorSticks erasable pens – Oh how I love ink that you can erase! Long gone are the days where teachers would tell you not to use ink because you can’t fix your mistakes. I love writing with ink and always have. Many students find they love the feel of writing with ink better than pencil but get anxiety over the possibility that so many things could ruin their work and it might not be correctable. Forget whiteout, these Pens are flat out erasable and it looks GOOD. These pens come in 10 colors so they are sure please and that makes them also perfect for art too! I love how they make my kids feel brave and confident. The more confident they feel, the less mistakes they seem to make!

G2 .07 Group

G2 gel pens – Last but not least is America’s #1 Gel Pens. They are great for students and teachers and parents too! I love that these have a click top and not a cap, and they come in 4 point sizes and 14 colors. I have seen them in so many beautiful designs too. You mention G2 Pilot pens to my husband and his eyes light up and ask what point size they are. The ones we got for back to school for the kids this year are point size Fine. I like this one the best. My husband likes ultra fine the best! Give your kids a variety and make sure to get some for you too. There are so many papers to sign with school time and I think we all know how Pens walk!

School Lunches and Snacks:


With 5 kids lunches it can sometimes be complicated to figure out what child likes what food in any given day. They all like the snacks I am sharing here. Some though think some of the snacks are the bestest snacks ever! (His word!) Go Organically Fruit Snacks are hands down my 11 year old son’s very favorite fruit snacks. These are above all others in taste as far as he is concerned and all the other kids like them too. These are a complete win! I love when the kids pick organic foods! Go Organically is our pick for on-the-GO USDA-certified organic fruit snacks. They come in 3 varieties,  Fruit MedleyMixed Berry, and Tropical! Don’t miss their sweepstakes with other fantastic Organic foods!


Another favorite snack the kids love is Organic Slammers!


All 5 kids will pick these snack pouches over any others. My 18 year old daughter though loves one flavor the very best, and will do all she can to make sure those are all hers! Pomegranate Grape Crush, it is one of the added protein pouches! She says it has a really unexpected flavor that she can’t help but love. She said if you if aren’t expecting it, it might seem weird but that is why she loves it. She will though when out of the flavor she loves most enjoy any of the rest of them. The kids don’t dislike any flavor in this line and that is rather miraculous in and of itself! When given the choice, our 2 year old will pick any of them, she really has no preference. My 7 year old goes after the flavor called “Awesome” and that has bananas, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acia, and amaranth in it. My 9 year old daughter picks Chill’N the most, and that has bananas, blueberries, butternut squash, greek yogurt, and yumberry in it. We need to figure out what Yumberry is still! LOL What ever it is, the kids agree with the yum! These are such a hit and the nutritional value is fantastic I think. You should check out their newest flavor: Amped. Created to be delicious, easily digestible, and instant fuel for active kids, Amped, in addition to their full-line of flavors, is packed with protein and nutrients to keep kids energized, fueled, and focused.

Nourish your Family and your Heart with


 In this Back To School guide I am trying to highlight the best things for busy parents not to miss, that means being short about products and companies I want to gush about for thousands of words. This company is hard to sum up and it’s food line is amazing! They are worth the time to wonder around their site and discover just what I mean. In short though, try something new this back to school season that will nourish your family, make dinners go so much faster, and make you happy about where your hard earned money is being spent. Treat yourself or a busy frantic Mom you know with a gift basket that will make things easier, and make her smile too. They are 20% off right now. This one includes:


  • 10 Bean Soup Mix
  • Firehouse #10 Chili Mix
  • Spicy Split Pea Soup Mix
  • Golden Cornbread Mix
  • Cream Scone MIx
  • BBQ Spice Blend
  • Garlic & Herb Spice Blend
  • Green Chili Spice Blend
  • Raspberry Lemongrass Iced Tea Mix
  • Jelly Beans
  • Rainbow Popcorn w/ Himalayan Salt & Pepper Seasoning

 Check back for our full review of this amazing company and their delicious gourmet products


Dannimals baby

Danimals yogurt drinks are great for back to school lunches! The kids love them, even the 18 year old, and they fit in a lunch box well. Just be sure to also have a cold pack. I think cold packs are rather standards these days but not when I was growing up. For our big family the 16 count Danimal boxes are what we get. See how these are great for adventuring and how Danimals helps get the kids out the door on time with these back to school tips!



Tastykake makes mini cupcakes and brownies perfect for snacking! At just 200 calories they are a yummy snack for the whole family and fit perfectly into lunch boxes. You can find 5 different varrieties of delicious mini snacks: Mini Chocolate Swirly Cupcakes, Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes, Mini Candy Topped Brownies, Mini Koffee Kake Cupcakes, Mini Blueberry Kruffins. I love that you just pull the top off these boxes and the snacks inside are easy to grab and put into a lunch box. It also makes it really easy to quickly spot when you are running out of them and need to put them on the shopping list. I will admit, this is my go to afternoon snack on days when little ones are struggling to get work completed. “Mom can I have a mini?” asks my 9 year old daughter, and my reply is often “Of course, just as soon as your Math is done!” and oddly that is the end of the conversation, she finishes the math and she gets this snack. I am not saying these are magical but if you have a child who rather be doing anything other than math than you might understand why this snack makes me so very happy! These are available in near every grocery store and corner store in my area and shouldn’t be hard to find where you live!

Tastykake Minis w Lunchbox-2 


Portion Perfect 4 Piece Puffer Bag Set – This isn’t your average lunch bag set! It is so beautiful and stylish and yet it says “comfy” and warm. It is such a joy to use and my teenager loves hers.  This beautiful puffy soft bag is made strong, has a zipper to keep your lunch safe, and bag straps to take it where ever you go. Inside is a lunch container that is solid plastic and has 4 compartments inside perfect for portion control. This set also has an ice pack! The bag has enough space not just for the lunch container but also other snacks, a water bottle, or other things you might need. It is so super cute! Check back for the giveaway! You can get yours now on



Welcome to GLUTEN FREE yummy bliss! This bakery started as a little business in a natural market in beloved New England. Their mission is to make delicious and FEARLESSLY UNIQUE gluten free products that were good for you and great tasting. Many people are gluten free for health reasons and some people feel very limited. This company understands and helps! Your kids can start their back-to-school days with yummy Glutten Free hot Breakfast Oat meal, they can grab granola bars on the way out the door, they can mix Happy Granola in with their yogurt at lunch. There are just so many options! See all the options here: and check back for a full review!




Nakd – Hello Gorgeous! If only all the food I open said such sweet things to me! Love love love! These are @nakdwholefoods bars! Berries and Nuts and so many flavors smoooooched together! #yesitisvegan #wheatfree #glutenfree #non-gmo and kosher too! No added sugar of course! My family has tried them all and everyone has different flavors they love! They are perfect for back to school snacks and with all the different flavors your little ones will not be bored! #nakd #healthysnacks #backtoschool #lunchboxideas #momlife


Tips, Software, Curriculum, and Learning Fun!


miacademy-002[4] is a new learning site that adapts to your child and helps them improve their skills in a fun learning environment! The minds and backbone of the site are not at all new though. This site is based on the sites Always Icecream and Clever Dragon, this site though is co-ed and not based on grades but proficiency level. I like this option as most kids, specially homeschoolers, tend to be at different levels in different subjects. You will be reading a lot more about this program as the kids explore it this year on in our homeschool section!



EPIC! Is not to be missed because it gives children the power of a library at their finger tips, and a bonus is, no late fees!  With 25,000 high-quality books and educational videos it is no wonder that 87% of all elementary schools in the US use EPIC! This is a fantastic site for homeschoolers, and truly all students. We will be posting a full review of this site soon so check back!



Sometimes in the mix of trying to get every student to be the best they possibly can be, learning gets dull. We know kids learn best when they are ready and engaged in ways that interest them! Kids love LEGOs and most households have a great many of them! I think most of us have heard of learning math with LEGO’s but did you know there is a whole make curriculum based around Bricks? Introducing Brick Math! We will be using these to help in a few areas the kids need some help with!


11988505_722029031253906_2396337138263252277_n is a subscription box for those with kids ages 4 – 9 years old. Each $20 box contains 4 projects with most of the supplies needed and instructions to complete them. This is perfect for parents who want rainy day activities at their fingertips or who want to supplement the arts and crafts in their children’s lives. My kids enjoy these and I love that the monthly boxes are themed and fit what is happening in the world. The August Box included an Eclipse project!



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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