The Meltdown of an Army Wife – Manning Case


Tonight is not my best night ever I must admit. It is rather hard to post this. It is raw and honest however even though it is heated and clearly showing how tattered and frayed my nerves are these days as a military wife. An online friend I do respect and have learned much from […]

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Pondering of an Army Wife when the Worst Happens.

For nearly 15 years now I have been a military wife. We have traveled the country, moved a dozen times, and been without Daddy for a lot of that time. The longest being a stretch of 15 months the last time he was in Iraq. It was all very hard I will not lie and […]

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NaBloPoMo Day 7

  My topic tonight came from a post I made on my FB wall. Rather than explain it, I thought I would just share it here. In short though, opinions pushed as fact with nothing to back them up make me a bit nuts! Please oh please if your going to argue with me, share […]

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An Army Wife In Love


  It feels like a different life all together, the life I had 14 years ago when I was just 18 and in love. My hotty guy and I had planned to get married. We planned a lot of things. You might picture though family not being so very supportive of such a union for […]

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Autumn Blog Challenge – Day 6

September 7 – Where were you when…?  Describe what you remember. The topic for the day does not say just when it is asking but one can not help but think of 9/11 at this time of year. It is a date I think that will live in Americans hearts for a long time. For […]

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A wife with a love away in WOCS

Wonder Hubby is away, it has been a while since his last deployment that was 15 month long. I wish I could say after 12 years I am used to it but it seems not. Else I am just taking it a bit harder because of hormones. Our youngest is after all only 2 months […]

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