The Kids made a handprint table just their size!

Kids Handprint Table 2

      Kids out number adults here and the house reflects that! We have 5 children and when we are very lucky we have our 2 surrogate children here too making 7 children. Those are the best days of course. As we are very outnumbered by children I don’t think it is any wonder […]

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Peaceful Parenting: Please Don’t Call My Son A Girl


  Sadly a few weeks ago my son was faced with an adult he cares about insulting him for no good reason. As a mother I wish I would have been there to protect my son from the situation. Moms are not always there though, so I ask, please be mindful of insulting children. If […]

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Annoying the Secular Blogger

    I lay here typing this with a smile on my face enjoying my home at just the right temp, a house full of children playing, and everything seems right with the world at the very moment. Except one thing…. someone is messing with me!     You see I am secular blogger. Faith […]

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