Review – My Real Earth a Natural Luxury Skin Care Line – Giveaway


It can sometimes take something very big in our lives to get us to look at the very small things. I think this tends to be the case for a lot of people when it comes to looking at what ingredients are used in our homes and on our bodies. This was the case for […]

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Hair Brushing Without Tears – Dessata Detangling Brush

Brushing Without Pain!

I have to share with you the most remarkable hair brush that detangles and doesn’t hurt. I know most parents have heard about such brushes before and with so many daughters you better believe I have tried many of them. I have even liked a few, but most I don’t actually recommend. This brush though, […]

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DIY: Using youtube to cut long hair!

2014-08-26 03.29.38

I am the Mommy to 4 beautiful kids and 2 amazing surrogate daughters. They all astound me time and again. I mention this because I need you to know I would do anything for them. Sometimes what they wish me to do scares the heck out of me! So when my teen insisted I cut […]

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Review – Exfolimate for beautiful skin!

05e1272c369da80ee3e7a86bba13d415b0823a86 When I was given a chance to review for exfolimate I knew it was a chance I couldn’t pass up. While I don’t tend to break out, I have dry skin and it just keeps getting worse with age! They shipped this product out very quickly and the directions are super simple. Wash skin […]

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Giveaway – $50 Amazon Gift Card & Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser by Skintrium

skintrim giveaway2

This wonderful luxury skin care giveaway is brought to you by Skintrium. Have you ever tried them? Do you take care of your skin? If your a busy Mommy like I am and don’t know just what your skin needs you might want to check out their site and their FAQ section. I love how […]

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5 tips for beautiful bare feet this summer!


Some people love their feet and some people hate their feet but all people must care for their feet regardless. They will take us where we want to go but they will not take care of themselves! While we are all out enjoying the beaches and pools this summer, lets make sure we pay attention […]

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Top 10 Tips to Clean Your Contact Lenses


Doesn’t it confuse you whenever you enter in the aisle for contact lenses care products in the supermarket? Although contact lenses are a small product yet it can be really heavy when it comes to protect them. However, that’s true too that if you don’t take care of them or clean them, they will wear […]

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Special Thank Your Mother Giveaway Not To Miss


To help Celebrate Mother’s Day and help keep us mindful and help with great gift ideas we are joyed to present to you this special giveaway with not one prize but many beautiful prizes! As this giveaway ends days after Mother’s Day due to blog hosting issues has been dealing with. Still, we are […]

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Review – Aqua Spa Bath and Body Products


     While looking for wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas I came across the Aqua Spa brand of bath and body products. I love how clean they look and their ingredients looked very interesting. The idea of spa quality items for Moms, specially on Mother’s Day was something I just had to try. The company […]

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Review: Face Brush Professional Skin Care System


            While searching for great Mother’s Day Gift ideas this came across my inbox and caught my eye and I had to try it! Water-Resistant Face and Body Brush – Professional Skin Care and Cleansing System       This skin care system is a great way to let Mom […]

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