April The Pregnant Giraffe Should Be Teaching You This About Birth!


 What is April the Giraffes Due Date we wonder? For days now millions of people have heard about April the Giraffe who is due to give birth. For days now we have watched and waited for this very natural event to take place. For days we have went to work or school or out shopping […]

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Birth Story: After Weeks Of Early Labor

Birth Story By: Hope Nichole Ortigo After several weeks of early labor, and very slow changes, and 4 trips to l&d… I start timing my contractions on August 13, mid afternoon… After several hours of every 7 mins, they drop down to every 5 mins and the pain intensifies, I decide around 8pm that I need […]

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Birth Story – Birth Plan down the drain!


Birth Story By: Shelbi Pearsall The last few days of my 36th week I felt great. Full of energy, no pain, able to breath, then I woke up on the first day of my 37th week and felt horrible. My whole face hurt, pounding headache and sluggish. I thought I was getting sick so I […]

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Birth Story – A Quick and Beautiful Homebirth


Birth Story By: Emma Davies A Planned Homebith The morning I was 4 days over due I woke feeling uncomfortable, not contractions but just achy all over. I carried on with the day as usual. With 3 kids to care for I didn’t have time to sit and think. Jack my eldest is 10 and […]

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Birth Story: A Little Pitocin


Birth Story By: Brie Rose Willette Birth Story: A Little Pitocin – Positive Experience Norah was due August 9. The day came and went…. Due Dates Are Guess Dates The week dragged on with no sign of labor going to present itself. Friday the 14th I had called my midwifery office to see if they could […]

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Birth Story: The Epidural That Wasn’t.


By Sandra Berke The Birth of Lilith Frances Prices Born on 08/07/2015 8:12 pm It all started at 5:30 am. Everyone was asleep and starting to slowly awake for the day. My other half was snoring away beside me. As I heard my mom get a coffee cup out of the cabinet and make her first […]

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A Birth Story – Why a Full Term Induction was Still too Soon.


  This is the first of many birth stories to comes from some of the amazing mothers in the August 2015 due date group. Each birth is different and each is important. I hope they bring comfort or understanding to other Mothers curious about birth in this day and age. Birth Story By Carissa Ann […]

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Is it Braxton Hicks or Labor? One tip to help you figure it out!


 How do I know when I am in real labor? In a due date group of over 800 expecting women this is a question we see over and over again even from experienced Moms. It is natural to worry about the coming of a new little one specially before full term. With fewer and fewer […]

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Guest Post: Every Mother has a Story—So Share Yours.

  I need your story. Yes, yours. Your story about how you became a parent. Your story about pregnancy. Your birth story. How you recovered. And those cocooned weeks of early motherhood that were so hard for you and that you thought no one else could understand. No matter how typical or extreme, I need […]

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Is Babymooning before or after the baby comes?

When do you babymoon? I think it is after one has a baby but many seem to disagree. Most people believe that babymooning is what a couple does before a baby arrives, they go off some place together to spend some special time alone before they just are not alone anymore. This is reasonable and […]

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NaBloPoMo – Day 20

  I think I might have missed a day or two posting this month already, I count any post as one counting towards NaBloPoMo though so maybe I am ok? I hardly have time to check even! Update: Sick Sick Sick.  Fibro Pain and Dealing with medication side effects as well. Sorrow: A women I […]

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Smell and Not Pheromones Possible Link to Breastfeeding Success

A new study is showing a link in Mice to the smell of the mother and not pheromones like previously thought in all mammals. You can read more by searching the internet or reading this article. Could this study on mice show that humans are much the same? Maybe. The study was done on mice […]

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A good reason for an elective induction!

Rarely do I find myself thinking there is a good reason for an elective induction, never mind an early one. This reason however makes me vary happy that it is possible to do and even more pleased both mother and baby are healthy despite it. This story found on abc news is a tragic one […]

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Birthing without screams!

There is a wonderful peaceful car birth story up that you can fine on Cafe Mom. It has a video of a father driving and filming the birth of his daughter in the front seat. One of the best parts of the actual post there for me though was this: But when Jennifer Russell gave […]

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Zoeys Birth Story

Zoeys Birth Story May 7th 11:08am Zoey Irene 7lbs 6oz 19″ long 37 weeks and 6 days found me getting out of bed at 7:30am. This is not so uncommon being so pregnant. I had to pee, every few hours. Today was different though. 2 days before I had gotten up a bit sooner to […]

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