Hell has no fury compared to The Profit Fans and 240 Sweets!

240 Sweet The Profit Review Blog

We can’t believe the mess going on with 240 Sweet! A little over a year ago I helped my baby sister get into blogging. I loved it and thought she would too. I helped her create freerangemommy.com and it has been such a joy for her. She specially loves reviewing products and she is good at […]

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How to Break a Bloggers Heart!


    It isn’t what you think! My wonderful facebook fans and some odd 15,000 twitter fans know how heart broken I am these days. One would think the way to break a bloggers heart is by telling them horrible things, calling them names, or calling them out on something they are wrong about. Certainly […]

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For the love of Editors!


  I dedicate this post to Bobbie, a blogging mentor, and all my other blogging friends and readers who want to strangle me for my writing errors. I am so thankful to have people who understand that is not simply laziness on my part that cause them. I do have learning disabilities in part due to vaccine […]

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Autumn Blog Challenge – Day 17

September 17 – What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up? When I was a little girl, like many little girls I wanted to grow up and marry a prince. I know that is not a job but every day my grandparents would have me pray with them and every day was the […]

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For the love of blogging!

Why do I blog?  Simply put, I am a mother, a geek, and a writer at heart who wants to help others.  I want to help other parents maybe not make the mistakes I have, or maybe to learn more quickly. I want to pass on what seems to easy to me to those who […]

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Giveaway! — Love Is In The Air — $160

             Welcome to the “Love Is In The Air Giveaway”! A Little Crunchy has teamed up with 39 awesome bloggers to bring you this super fun giveaway filled with L♥VE. This one is super easy to enter. All you have to do is like their Facebook pages! Click, click, click and […]

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Do you love Vague status updates

Sometimes I think I must be the only one that is bothered by vague status updates.  I get them near daily and sadly sibling are the worst offenders of this public torture.  Every now and then I like to give them a taste of their own medicine so to speak.  Yesterday in an effort to […]

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