Science FOR Babies – Board Books Parents Want To Read!

Science for Baby

I really have no idea why it came as such a shock to me when I first heard about science books for babies. I mean, there are so many fantastic topics of board books why not one so dear to our hearts and important to our future such as science? Of course when I heard […]

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Book Review – It’s Okay To Be Me


Our very first book this year for December bed time reading is a book by Vanessa Girard titled It’s Okay to Be Me! In December we try to open and read a new book every night before Christmas. This little book is an easy read for young readers, has 28 pages, and was newly published […]

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Fantastic Fall Books for your Kids to curl up with!

Fall picture book list for kids

  One of the most wonderful and relaxing things to do in fall is to curl up with a fantastic book! Ok, so I think all seasons are the perfect time to curl up with a good book. However sitting in a big comfy chair, sipping warm spiced cider, and reading with little ones is […]

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10 Adult Coloring Books Not To Miss

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Unless you are living under a rock you have heard about all the wonderful reasons adults should embrace their younger selves and get back to coloring. Coloring books for adults have come a long way from the ones of our childhoods though. You can find adult coloring books in just about any theme and they […]

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Day 1 Advent Calendar Book – The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

24 Advent Calendar Books

Each evening of December the children get a new book to unwrap from the Bedtime Elf all the way up until Christmas! You can click the image above to go and see the book list as it unfolds! The Smallest Gift Of Christmas by Peter H Reynolds This story is about a little boy named […]

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Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me Art Project


We found a fantastic and fun art project to go along with an adorable book and just had to try it ourselves! Supplies Needed:  Paint Paint Brushes Sparkle Paper Star Paper Punch Scissors Paper Popsicle Sticks Glue Camera Photo Paper and Printer Storm Baby is now 8 years old! Directions: Have children paint a night […]

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I love Science – Babies start to learn language before birth!

We have for a long time known that babies come into the world knowing the voice of their mothers and those closest to them. It was always a great excuse for me to read to my babies while they where still in my womb, even if what I was reading was not a children’s book. […]

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How to teach your child to love to read

Do you have a child that doesn’t like to read? I did too! It was a shock to see our oldest daughter growing up into a late reader, and worse one that didn’t like to read. She is now 12 and I have learned something that I wish I had a long time ago! The […]

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Free Books! Hurry!

I know I am on a low stress vacation and not supposed to be on my beloved blog but I must, not only because I want to see the winner of the great Easter Giveaway tonight but because you should see this! Free Childrens book on Amazon for your Kindle, or Kindle App! I’m Squirrely  […]

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Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, 1904 As we love him, we wanted to celebrate too! While we have many many Dr Seuss books and I know we have this one in the house some place, I could not find it so I just got it on the ipad, no biggie! The children enjoyed reading […]

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Giveaway — $30 Gift Code to

This book and others could be yours if you win this $30 gift code on I think the above book is adorable but then, I love all things Giraffe so this should be no shock! I was kindly invited to this giveaway by one of the blogging goddesses I know and she tells me it […]

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The power of books on children.

   We know that there are down sides to TV time and how it effects how we think and even behave because of how it effects our brains. It is not all down sides in my mind, though most waldorf homes are TV free. Ours is not one of them as we want to bring […]

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Sept 19th — The Help — #imabzzagent

Juno, I want in! Why you ask? Because I am a volunteer on the best book site to be found online. It is called and that site says this book is worth reading. is a community of readers who read books, post them to the site, mail them to others and request books […]

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Day 178 — Childrens Book Review

This book is a bit different from most. Some of the pages are the long way. It is different, it is fun, it is interesting. Dare to be different! “I love it when you Smile” by Sam Mcbratney (Author), Charles Fuge (Illustrator) is a sweet book that really fits in with our attachment parenting beliefs. […]

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Day 99 — 11 month old Development

Everyday we try and focus special time on each child. For our baby, this is specially fun these days. We went from helping her to sit up, to now helping her stand. She is not yet pulling up but this is ok. She really loves the special attention. I do not believe developmental lists are […]

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Day 1

Another year and another year past and so much has changed, so many ups and downs and turn arounds. You however reading this are well aware of what life is like. It might look a little different than most if you too homeschool, peacefully parent and are over all a bit crunchy. A homebirth is […]

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Not at her desk!

A new friend asked me why I homeschool. I get this question a lot and I believe most who homeschool do as well. I never seem to able to put it into words well. I think the above picture is just a few of the many reasons why. She is all smiles very happy with […]

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The Compact

As you might be able to tell, our castle has too many books! Or at least not enough room for them all as things stand. Not sure I believe anyone can have too many books actually! hehehehe my own personal passion though, just happens to be shared by everyone in the house. That being said, […]

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