100 Reasons Why I Breastfeed


Breastfeeding has never come easy for me, not for the first baby and not for the 7th. Like many women these days I face some common breastfeeding challenges, one being an unsupportive society and growing up around women who didn’t breastfeed so there is a great lack of support for it in the community. Once […]

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Breastfeeding Holiday Trouble


We know that breast is best and why but this doesn’t always make the hard times any easier. One of those hard times for breastfeeding mothers can be the holidays. There are three main things a breastfeeding mother needs to be mindful and prepared for just in case issues come up. Don’t issues tend to come up […]

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TSA — Another Attack on Motherhood

While in the past the TSA has forced mothers to dump breast milk before flying this time they forced one to fill up empty bottles or leave them behind, MSN reported.  The TSA though in all honesty is not just attacking motherhood, they have taken apart wheel chairs and baby diapers and felt up old […]

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