3 Ways to Support Breastfeeding Moms


  You can be the Hero of a nursing Mother and Baby you know. Here is how!     1. Tell Nursing Moms You Support Them!  Nursing can be very difficult, even for experienced mothers. Often the early weeks are the hardest as baby learns to nurse and Mom gets used to the new and […]

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Why I am not going to say “Fed is Best”


The Breast Is Best Argument   One of the blogs I like to follow sadly put down an informational research based post on breastfeeding. I was rather stunned, what mother or Human Being for that matter would put down the benefits of breastfeeding? Why? You see there is a well meaning PC trend right now […]

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Breastfeeding Support Where I Least Expected

many kids Halloween 2015

My Halloween Treat! As our plans to travel fell through thanks to the sniffles (can’t see someone on Chemo with any illness at all) we spent Halloween local with some friends who also have a large and beautiful family. We went to their nice neighborhood in Grovetown GA and goodness does that neighborhood put on […]

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Giveaway: Wonderful Breastfeeding Support Kit!

Welcome to the October Breastfeeding Giveaway! Here in the Northeast leaves are falling, the weather is becoming crisp and apple cider and pumpkins are everywhere. We’re looking forward to Halloween and the upcoming Holidays. This Fall Breastfeeding Giveaway has some fantastic items, Goodies for your BooooooBies!! Let’s face it, these girls work hard year round; […]

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100 Reasons Why I Breastfeed


Breastfeeding has never come easy for me, not for the first baby and not for the 7th. Like many women these days I face some common breastfeeding challenges, one being an unsupportive society and growing up around women who didn’t breastfeed so there is a great lack of support for it in the community. Once […]

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Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding is Working – 40 Days Old


  I didn’t know I could breastfeed and formula feed successfully! Rory was born 5 weeks early and for a number of important reasons we had to supplement. She didn’t have a suckle and took her meals both formula and pumped milk by syringe. Finally she took a bottle and after what felt like forever […]

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Birth Story: Why She Wishes She Could Forget Every Moment

Birth Story By: Sarah Ganong I’m finally ready to share my birth story. I am very emotionally and physically traumatized by this and that’s why it took me so long to share. I don’t want to frighten those who haven’t given birth. Please know this is not common or typical of birth. My entire life I’ve […]

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Confession of a breastfeeding and worried Mother.


Mommy Confession I really wish my baby had not been born 5 weeks early. I know it could have been worse. I know I am lucky. I can’t help it though, the worry is so hard on the heart. I wish I knew why she came at 35 weeks. The placenta was the largest and […]

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How to order a free breast pump from Tricare!


We can finally get a breast pump free with Tricare military insurance! As of July 1st 2015 Tricare covers breast pumps! There are a few ways to get your breast pump and the way I am going to go over here is how I actually did it this past week. Remember you have options and […]

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World Breastfeeding Week 2015 – Why Breastfeed?


       I Breastfeed Because I am a Geek and Love Science and Science says Breast IS BEST. I want to say that I breastfeed because I love my babies but this would offend other women would take take it to mean something I don’t intend it to mean. If you could understand the […]

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Breastfeeding Struggles With Our Near Term Baby

1530864_416961555155320_122815890_n (1)

Rory was born at 35 weeks and 1 Day. She was a wonderful 7lbs and 15oz, 20 inches long. This is large for the gestational age but the dates are correct and her weight it the result of my diabetes even though it was well controlled for 90% of the pregnancy. This was the start […]

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Review – Nursing Bra Express for Breastfeeding Mothers


Nursing Bra Express www.nursingbraexpress.com The mission at Nursing Bra Express is not only to provide nursing moms with the best breastfeeding products on the planet, but great customer support! They offer products not just for nursing Moms though but also pregnancy as well and postpartum shapeware and gifts for new Moms as well. I specially […]

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Laura Bailey Peetros


Laura Bailey Peetros 1964-2014   When you really get down to it and think objectively… 90% of what people get all hot and bothered about…. Just really doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of life.. Don’t sweat the small or even medium stuff.. It’s not worth it. –Laura Bailey Peetros   She was […]

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A sad second in Breastfeeding History


    Hopefully Catherine Sepeda over comes being an uneducated racist. Babies have the right to eat where ever they are, there is no shame in it. If breastfeeding is sexual then a bottle is a dildo (Sorry for the vulgarity but it makes a clear point I think!) and seeing we know that isn’t […]

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Mommy Guilt is real but where is it coming from?

  World Breastfeeding week has been rather heated for this Mommy mostly because I feel very strongly about the importance of breastfeeding and facts that can help women make informed decisions. I admit, talking about excuses hasn’t been popular and not everyone that does not breastfeed has some kind of excuse. There are valid reasons […]

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Formula Lowers IQ — See Beyond the Guilt

This is part 2 to a blog post I created a day ago and have gotten heat over on social media. Why is no one talking about it? Why are we making our babies less intelligent with formula?   As I had predicted, there are many excuses for why some women do not breastfeed and […]

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Why is no one talking about it? Why are we making our babies less intelligent with formula?

It isn’t a pretty topic but I think we need to be honest about it. It is time we face the facts and start being clear about what we are doing to our babies when we give them formula and not breast milk. Formula is dumbing them down. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Yet […]

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Dear Earths Best, Please Be Clear That Breast Is Best!


    It is no secret, I love the Earth’s Best brand. They are a company I trust to be safe and to be ethical as well. It was rather a surprise to see a friend who is a lactation consultant and La Leche League Leader (among other things) post an image like mine above about […]

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Is Babymooning before or after the baby comes?

When do you babymoon? I think it is after one has a baby but many seem to disagree. Most people believe that babymooning is what a couple does before a baby arrives, they go off some place together to spend some special time alone before they just are not alone anymore. This is reasonable and […]

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Is Breastfeeding Private, should it be in public?

 The topic of breastfeeding came up today on my facebook wall and one friend commented that she doesn’t have a problem with others breastfeeding in public but to her she feels like it is private.  Do you think breastfeeding is private? I don’t and here is why; breastfeeding is the natural way for a human […]

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Breastfeeding Holiday Trouble


We know that breast is best and why but this doesn’t always make the hard times any easier. One of those hard times for breastfeeding mothers can be the holidays. There are three main things a breastfeeding mother needs to be mindful and prepared for just in case issues come up. Don’t issues tend to come up […]

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Smell and Not Pheromones Possible Link to Breastfeeding Success

A new study is showing a link in Mice to the smell of the mother and not pheromones like previously thought in all mammals. You can read more by searching the internet or reading this article. Could this study on mice show that humans are much the same? Maybe. The study was done on mice […]

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Breastfeeding Saves More Babies in Storms

     Across the country, the world even, disasters are raging from fires to storms to land hurricanes such as the one that blew through my yard this past week. Millions are without power, some without clean water, and many have babies. I wonder how they are holding up.     It is a reminder […]

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Crunchy Moms Opinion – Time Cover Breastfeeding

Breast feeding seems to be hitting the mainstream media as if it was almost normal. Good thing it is normal! First there was the uproar over the oreo “basic instinct” print AD. I think it is adorable personally. Kraft’s AD said that this was supposed to be a Korean one time use AD and not […]

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Pastor Attacks Breastfeeding

     WSAV- TV in Savannah, reported on this story of a Pastor among other things comparing a breastfeeding mother to a stripper. Are you shocked yet? You should be. Unless of course your used to people being ignorant and in my opinion perverted. You know my opinion on this right? Georgia mother Nirvana Jennette was […]

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Toronto Public Health wants to be Breastfeeding Friendly!

 While I am an American, part of my family came from Canada and I spent many summers there. I do not recall seeming many breastfeeding mothers growing up in either country. I am glad to have read that  Toronto Public Health is working with the  Breastfeeding Committee of Canada to get the label “baby friendly” by being more […]

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If breastfeeding is sexual, than a bottle is a Dildo!


Once again ignorance raises it’s head, this time in a Target store in Houston TX. A mother needed to nurse her hungry baby while shopping and went to find a quiet spot in the store to do so, she found a less populated area and did the natural thing, fed her baby. However she was […]

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Day 186

No no no, bottles are not crunchy parenting. Notice the title of this blog however? A little crunchy. Sadly not everything we do is considered crunchy. If you know me, you know I am really one of those rare people who medically can’t breastfeed fully. If you don’t know me, your going to have to […]

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Day 8

This is Miss Smiley taking a nap. Notice the bottle? While breast is best and I never get sick of saying it formula has it’s place. It helps fill on where my milk can’t, but again, true physical issues are not common. We didn’t just use it till her Dr told us to do so. […]

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Day 7 – 8 months old!

Miss Smiley is 8 months old now! She is still nursing and it is a blessing. I am trying hard to come to terms with the fact that it is only part time. She was failing to thrive and her Dr insisted on formula without a word to how to work on supply or tests […]

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