Why I am not going to say “Fed is Best”


The Breast Is Best Argument   One of the blogs I like to follow sadly put down an informational research based post on breastfeeding. I was rather stunned, what mother or Human Being for that matter would put down the benefits of breastfeeding? Why? You see there is a well meaning PC trend right now […]

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A sad second in Breastfeeding History


    Hopefully Catherine Sepeda over comes being an uneducated racist. Babies have the right to eat where ever they are, there is no shame in it. If breastfeeding is sexual then a bottle is a dildo (Sorry for the vulgarity but it makes a clear point I think!) and seeing we know that isn’t […]

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Breastfeeding – So you hate it? So what!

I read a sad admission from a mother today about breastfeeding and how she hated it and how she wouldn’t with any future children? Why? Mary Fischer gave 6 reasons she hates breastfeeding that she came up with in the few weeks she tried breastfeeding. You can read them all fully in the link above. I […]

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Mother says Breastfeeding Information Offensive

This wonderful breastfeeding supportive image and saying was shared on my facebook wall by none other than my amazing husband. I then choose to share it on my facebook blog fan page. To my shock I received these replies to it:  ·         Laurel – As a Mom who was not able to breast feed I find this […]

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