Holiday Wordless Wednesday


10 Candy Canes  10 Peppermint Mints Hot Glue Ribbon Kids I helped my 5 and 7 year old children create the above wreath, they unwrapped the candy and matched up the candy canes to make hearts. I hot glued them together. The kids then pulled off all the glue webs I made and then tied […]

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Valentine Window Clings

The other night was a creative night here with the littles. Many nights are creative here because it is our idea of fun. We are not really the “sit and watch sports” types, though we did try and watch the super bowl on Sunday with a friend. Mostly we played with the kids though all […]

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Valentines Day, Math, and Craft Fun!

 Some believe that math is boring and hard. I am not sure how though, but maybe that is the perspective of a homeschool mother. We use many hands on activities, fun books, fun programs online. Have you seen this one for 3rd grade math?  Maybe it is not just my perspective though! Did you know we […]

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