Important This Halloween: Teal Pumpkin Project


    It seems like so many of the families I know deal with food allergies. I am not sure if Crunchy parents are just more on top of things like this or if having a child with a food Allergy many has parents doing more research and going more Crunchy. What ever the case […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 25 – Easy Fall Crafts with Kids

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Today I am Thankful for Creative Kids Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.  – Plato Do have special memories of creating […]

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Cute Halloween Crafts with Young Children


Guest Post by my Sister Ashley R. I have been seeing all these awesome fall crafting ideas and I think to myself “that looks so cool I wish my little one was old enough to do these himself”. This fall though I decided to make fall decorations with him, and I must say they turned out […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Bat Craft with Kids


Easy Batty Halloween Craft Items Needed:  Toilet paper rolls Googly Eyes Black Pain and Paint brushes Black construction Paper Glue  Scissors  First lay out what ever table coverage you normally use for messy crafts. Make sure the kids have play clothing on or smocks. Give them the black paint and the paint brushes to paint […]

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A quite time Valentine Craft for Kids


  A Valentine Craft for Kids This project takes a little bit of prep work that is best done the night before. Gather what ever kind of pasta you would like the children to work with, for about 8 pages of hearts I used about 2 cups of pasta, I used two different kinds of […]

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Holiday Wordless Wednesday


10 Candy Canes  10 Peppermint Mints Hot Glue Ribbon Kids I helped my 5 and 7 year old children create the above wreath, they unwrapped the candy and matched up the candy canes to make hearts. I hot glued them together. The kids then pulled off all the glue webs I made and then tied […]

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Halloween Wreath With Kids


If there is one thing my little homeschoolers love to do it is crafting and as one of our favorite holidays is coming this was a fitting project. Last month my 4 year old and I made a crayon wreath to help welcome in our school year. This month this owl wreath made with help […]

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Finally The Eco-Friendly Paint You Have Been Wanting – Review


Earth Paint Review I have to say this is now my favorite kids paint and I enjoy working with it as well. For years I have been uncomfortable with paints that I didn’t feel safe with, that I knew contained petroleum products and worse. I have searched and searched and finally came across a blog post about painting […]

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Make a School Time Wreath

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 I am blessed and cursed to know someone who is crazy about Wreaths. She makes them all the time and shows them off and I think she is contagious because I could not help but make one too! Instructions: Gather a small child and then the following materials  64 Box of Crayons Cardboard Plate Scissors […]

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Messy Kindergarten Learning Fun!

Homeschooling Kindergarten this year has been so much fun. Maybe because we love making a mess and love games. It is not hard to find games for any subjuct, just search online! From kindergarten and first grade math games to Maryland state standards, it is all really easy to find things quick and jump in!  […]

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