Important This Halloween: Teal Pumpkin Project


    It seems like so many of the families I know deal with food allergies. I am not sure if Crunchy parents are just more on top of things like this or if having a child with a food Allergy many has parents doing more research and going more Crunchy. What ever the case […]

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Review – Nursing Bra Express for Breastfeeding Mothers


Nursing Bra Express The mission at Nursing Bra Express is not only to provide nursing moms with the best breastfeeding products on the planet, but great customer support! They offer products not just for nursing Moms though but also pregnancy as well and postpartum shapeware and gifts for new Moms as well. I specially […]

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Do Crunchy Parents cut coupons?


  I saw this image on facebook and I had to share it. I remember my couponing days and I remember how hard it was even all those years ago to save money on healthy things because so many of the coupons where for processed junk! I had friends who would joke that they wouldn’t […]

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My Crunchy Families Dark Secret….


Did you know that the vast majority of crunchy families limit screen time and media? This crunchy family is not though one of those families. Yes we have been in the past and when things get to be too chaotic or seems like we are not connecting on the level we want to be with […]

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Peaceful Parenting: Please Don’t Call My Son A Girl


  Sadly a few weeks ago my son was faced with an adult he cares about insulting him for no good reason. As a mother I wish I would have been there to protect my son from the situation. Moms are not always there though, so I ask, please be mindful of insulting children. If […]

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Are You A Little Crunchy or A Lot?

rainbow-colors-wood-texture-hd-desktop-wallpaper copy

    Today I am feeling a little Crunchy. Why? Because I feel like death and rather than reaching for alternative health options I begged my husband for sudafed and I refuse to even look up the side effects or why it might be bad for me. This is not my crunchiest day ever. Thus […]

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Crunchy Moms Opinion – Time Cover Breastfeeding

Breast feeding seems to be hitting the mainstream media as if it was almost normal. Good thing it is normal! First there was the uproar over the oreo “basic instinct” print AD. I think it is adorable personally. Kraft’s AD said that this was supposed to be a Korean one time use AD and not […]

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Parents – You must stop this!

A circumcision lawsuit ended in a Win against the Dr and Hospital who preformed it! In short, circumcision is genital mutilation and it needs to stop. There is no educated reason for doing so.  My son is intact. His father is not. I learned about the importance of foreskin while on the forums in […]

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Parenting Advice! — You Asked

I found myself asked again what the one thing a new mother should get. A baby carrier of some kind! Mothers have been keeping their little ones on them for a very very long time though it has not been the trend in this society for while, it is coming back! But how does one […]

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Natural House Review and Giveaway!

We all know probiotics are good for the body so maybe I should not have been so shocked to learn they are good for my house too. Did you know this? If not, let me explain! Natural House makes natural household cleaning products using the non-toxic powers of probiotics. Simply put we need to treat our homes […]

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Happy to be an Earth’s Best Blogger! — Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway <a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>. I am thrilled to have been invited to be an Earths Best blogger. Earths best knows how much parents care about quality nutrition, they must know that Crunchy parents really focus on it. Organics are not something optional, they are sought out and […]

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Children’s Book Review: Is A Worry Worrying You

Book: Is A Worry Worrying You? Ferida Wolff (Author), Harriet May Savitz (Author), Marie LeTourneau (Illustrator)  Publisher: Tanglewood Pub Date: April 15, 2007 ISBN: 9781933718057 Suppose, just suppose, one hundred elephants come to tea and you discover you don’t have any tea bags.Uh, oh. What will you do with a herd of thirsty elephants?Now that’s a worry!But you can get […]

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Sodastream Review — Is it worth it

      Honestly  I can not say I was jumping up and down to get a sodastream. I though my children and husband would like it but worried it might not be worth the space and at worst might be just as unhealthy as normal soda. I really didn’t get why there was such […]

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How do crunchy parents fight?

The same way you do I would imagine. There is no one right to argue any more than there is a right way to parent. I can however tell you what training in non-violent communication and peaceful parenting has done for my marriage. I think knowing what works for you and what doesn’t is so […]

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A moment for Mommy to Giggle!

Lets face it, being a crunchy mommy is not “normal” and like all kinds of mothering, it is not easy. Only we seem to have an up hill battle so to speak, so many other people do not know what we are talking about or why we think certain things are important. We sound crazy. […]

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Declawing — For the love of the cat NO!

  While this blog is mostly about crunchy parenting, it is also about the crunchy home.  Intactivism is not just for humans in my opinion, it should extend to animals as well. Animals should be not mutilated with unnecessary surgery and amputations such as declawing and docking. This is a strong statement I am aware. I am also […]

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If breastfeeding is sexual, than a bottle is a Dildo!


Once again ignorance raises it’s head, this time in a Target store in Houston TX. A mother needed to nurse her hungry baby while shopping and went to find a quiet spot in the store to do so, she found a less populated area and did the natural thing, fed her baby. However she was […]

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Did your husband need a doula too?

      Everyone I know who has hired a doula for a birth has raved about the benefits. It is so common these days that I do not think I need to go into all the supportive things a doula does in a birth for the mother and baby. A new question though is now […]

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Are these crunchy?

 Believe it or not I do not always have time to cook and sometimes I really, really just don’t want to. This however makes being a crunchy mommy hard at times, ok, a lot of the time. Buying organic is costly, trying to bake organic it timely with both ingredients and 4 children. Sometimes I […]

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Day 156 — New to Homeschooling – Relax

How much people can learn at any moment depends on how they feel at that moment about the task and their ability to do the task. When we feel powerful and competent, we leap at difficult tasks. The difficulty does not discourage us; we think:Sooner or later, I’m going to get this. At other times […]

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