Life with 3 week old Ducklings!


 Raising Ducklings   Here is our Duckling Update! Our 4 little ducklings we had gotten from Tractor Supply a little over 3 weeks ago are far from little! Our teenage daughter jokes that we can about watch them grow! Like all ducks, we have been quickly reminded that these are messy little guys! While we […]

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Duck Egg Candling Video

  Incubator Date: April 22  Candling Date: May 2nd — Day 10 — 16 of 18 fertile eggs! All look viable!  Day 23 — 5 eggs no longer look viable, leaving 11 possible. Estimated Due Date: May 20th — 5 more days!  All of the children are very thrilled about the coming ducklings.  Our 4 year […]

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