The Mindful Revolution changing schools!

Nova Southeastern University Online Master’s in Teaching & Learning One of the things we as a society expect schools to do is help children learn how to live in the world and thrive. Schools in the USA where made to create a malleable workforce. Back in the days where factory jobs were the most common […]

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Helping Children See the Importance of Shopping Local

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 Be the Change You Want To See In the World! One of the things my family is doing on our greener living path is to work on sustainability, hobby farming with chickens and gardens. We are trying to learn all we can and develop experience for the years to come when my husband retires from […]

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Keeping Summer Fun With Jumping Words


As many parents know, there is often learning loss that happens over the summer months when kids are out of school. This can happen to homeschoolers like my own or any student. One of the ways we can help prevent the loss is by practicing skills your children already have in fun and creative ways. […]

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The Things Your Child Might Really Be Learning in School that Parents Are Ignoring


  Are your children learning things you never expected them to in school? I think most parents answer Yes to this. Many try to ignore these issues or just come to accept them as things that can not be helped. Sadly many parents are not even aware there are other options for some. Now before […]

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How to support your kids as they make the step into higher education

  GUEST POST  After a lifetime of guiding your kids through school, watching over their shoulder as they do their homework and having regular meetings with their teachers, the transition from school to university can be as tough for parents and it is for children. Finding the balance between being supportive and being smothering can […]

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Butterfly Fractions are Easy!


  Math for a lot of people simply isn’t fun. Fractions tend to specially be something few enjoy. I remember when I was a teen I went from one high school where it seems we did everything with decimals to different high school that was working mostly with fractions. It annoyed me to say the […]

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Are you going to Homeschool High School?


We have chosen to homeschool High School! This is a rather big deal for us. If you would have asked me all those years ago when we started to homeschool if we would homeschool high school as well I would have told you that is a bridge we will cross when we come to it. […]

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Autumn Blog Challenge – Day 9

September 9 – Who was your favorite teacher? Maybe I should post about my first high school English teacher kiss…  Not sure that would be appropriate though so lets go with the next high school English Teacher who tried so hard to inspire each and every student and had his work cut out for him […]

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For Parents of 8th Graders: Now Is the Time to Start Planning for High School and College

Yes, I know you might be saying to yourself: “Why do I need to start thinking about this now? Ninth grade is months away.” Take it from me, I wish I had known what I am about to share with you: The courses your children take in 9thgrade can influence their entire high school career […]

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How to Parent – Baby at night – A Little Crunchy

To the sleepy parents that wonder here one late long night. You are not alone. Of course you might really not be, baby might be in your arms while you read this on your cell phone wondering just what your doing wrong, why isn’t your baby sleeping. The fact is that you know how to […]

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