Practicing for Sustainable and Living Green – Update

2014-10-15 18.25.03

StormBaby (age 6) in her play dress out taking care of the chickens and so excited about the first Olive Egg! Can we manage sustainable living someday? In our effort to live more green and someday be more sustainable and possibly even give energy back to the grid we have been trying a lot of […]

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Review: Hand Made By The Seeds of 3 – Ecofriendly Fabulous

Button_2014_Holiday_Gift_Guide Organic Fabric crafted beautifully into children’s clothing and toys! This post may sound like less of a review post and more like a post about love, be warned! This is what it looks like when a crunchy Mommy finds something she adores and makes her have hope for the world and the future of […]

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Want to join the proud ranks of those that save the world by cloth diapering?

But you are not sure where to start or what to buy? First, congrats on making such a wonderful choice! And second, your doing just what you should be doing by looking things up! Know that this is just my opinion and I am as fallible as anyone else. BUT I do love cloth diapering […]

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