How to dress your beautiful bump like the best dressed bumps!


  With a new celebrity baby announcement released almost every day, it seems there are more haute moms-to-be than ever before. And with that, plenty of fashion inspiration!   We’ve enlisted 

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Best Prom Dress Styles To Highlight Your Best Features

Look Stunning With The Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is an exciting time of year that can also cause stress and panic. You want to make sure you are well prepared with the perfect dress way before the special day. When you are doing your shopping, it can be an overwhelming process. You are bombarded with a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and […]

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Rules to Use During the Wedding Ring Selection Process

Is it time to make the special someone your wife? Making the leap from dating to marriage is a big step. Every many knows when the time has come to propose to their significant other and getting the right ring is a big part of a successful engagement. In the world of engagement rings, there […]

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Looking Elegant at Your Homecoming with a Long Evening Gown


  Image by: esotericsean   When it comes to attending homecoming, we all want to look and feel like a million dollars. An excellent way to achieve this is to wear a long evening gown, which will ooze elegance and sophistication. As well as looking gorgeous, a long dress can also help to accentuate the […]

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Spiegel Style and The Crunchy Mommy

Spiegel in my opinion is the style go to site for those who know fashion and those who don’t and those who may have forgotten what style means beyond burp rags and designer baby bags. This might come as a shock but I am not a fashion goddess. While I am happy to pay […]

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