National Coffee Day – A Coffee Not To Miss!

Coffee and Homeschooling - Moms ADHD

  FREE COFFEE – Don’t Miss it! Free coffee in the mornings from 6-8 a.m. follow along on Circle K Southeast pages to see where they will be giving free cup of Simply Great coffee (12 oz.) First two weeks of October promotion.   One thing is certain: I am a better person after I […]

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Let Groupon inspire your next Moms night out!


We know that Groupon is everywhere and I think sometimes we as moms get to thinking it is all about the kids and getting them out to experience great adventures at great prices. Groupon is more than just an outlet for getting kids out into the world though, and more than just a great place […]

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Eating Out – The New Look of Bonefish Grill


  My husband and I were happy to hear about the new design look of our local Bonefish grill. We love eating there and always liked their design but couldn’t help but be excited to see the new changes. We braved a storm and together with our 10 week old went out for a much […]

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Panasonic Summer FlashXpress Toaster Oven Summer Challenge!


    Keeping the Kitchen Cool while Cooking in the Summer! I was so glad to hear about the Panasonic Summer FlashXpress Toaster Oven Summer Challenge! The idea is to cook great food and not heat up the kitchen. This is specially important to me because I live in Georgia and the heat index is often […]

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Do Crunchy Parents cut coupons?


  I saw this image on facebook and I had to share it. I remember my couponing days and I remember how hard it was even all those years ago to save money on healthy things because so many of the coupons where for processed junk! I had friends who would joke that they wouldn’t […]

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The NEW Secret to Perfect Family Movie Night Popcorn


Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s blog post! Movie Night Can Be Chaos! One would think that a simple movie night would be a walk in the park, just get the snacks and settle the family down in front of the movie! However for us, there always seems to be many more steps, like […]

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Easy Healthy Snacks — Parenting Advice

Chances are if your reading this that your a busy parent who sometimes despite your parental super powers needs a quick snack to run out the door with for your children. By easy, I mean really easy! No cooking classes or scouring for online recipes needed! A friend asked me about healthy snacks admitting that too […]

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Review — Earths Best Yummy Tummy Oatmeal

Bring on Breakfast!      Or rather, in this case Dinner!    Breakfast benefits a busy day for lots of reasons. But the biggest benefit isn’t from just any breakfast, but from a nutrient rich breakfast. Study after study, from as far back as the 1950s, have consistently shown that children who eat a well-balanced, […]

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When did mothering become a mental disorder

  I am on vacation and I know I should not be blogging. I said I wouldn’t be. I must though, it is 2am and I must let these words spill onto this screen.  I saw a very harsh and inflammatory articular linked to on facebook and I will not give it credit here as it seems […]

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Guest Blog: The Positive Benefits Of Involving Your Children In The Food Selection Process

The Positive Benefits Of Involving Your Children In The Food Selection Process Children learn by observing others, making it extremely important for parents to set a good example when it comes to food choices. When children are involved in the selection process, they learn how to choose between healthy and unhealthy foods. The nutritional principles […]

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Happy to be an Earth’s Best Blogger! — Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway <a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>. I am thrilled to have been invited to be an Earths Best blogger. Earths best knows how much parents care about quality nutrition, they must know that Crunchy parents really focus on it. Organics are not something optional, they are sought out and […]

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Simple Summer Lunch Fun.

Sometimes it can be hard for me to remember to keep lunch interesting to the kids. So often they will jump from the table at any little thing to go play, leaving their lunch behind and making me sigh. Getting food into toddlers can be hard! This week we I added a few of these […]

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