Use Spending App To Manage Your Finance

save money apps

  Currently, there are many budgeting or spending apps trackers for iOs and Android devices. More people especially those from the younger generation, are now depending on these budgeting or spending apps to help them stay on track financially and to keep their budget balanced. With these modern apps, users can say goodbye to messy […]

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How To Live A Fancy Lifestyle On A Budget

  So you want to upgrade your life? The buy one get one free microwave meals just aren’t cutting it anymore huh? Well, a lot of people associate luxury with caviar and champagne, and don’t forget the private jets. But is that the true definition? Or is it a feeling instead?   Maybe luxury means […]

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Do Crunchy Parents cut coupons?


  I saw this image on facebook and I had to share it. I remember my couponing days and I remember how hard it was even all those years ago to save money on healthy things because so many of the coupons where for processed junk! I had friends who would joke that they wouldn’t […]

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Tuesday Blog Hop

To enter the blog hop, scroll to the end of this post! I like this blog hop because it reminds me that we should all strive to be more frugal, to live simply and joyfully. One of the frugal things I love to do is to use fleece to make sugar glider cage sets and […]

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