My Crunchy Families Dark Secret….


Did you know that the vast majority of crunchy families limit screen time and media? This crunchy family is not though one of those families. Yes we have been in the past and when things get to be too chaotic or seems like we are not connecting on the level we want to be with […]

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Mom is a geek — Book Tree


“Mom, your such a geek!” is something I now hear coming out of my 13 year old daughters mouth. One would think it was an insult but alas, I can’t argue with her and truth be told, she is a bit as well. She will not however admit to it most days!    What to […]

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Day 103 — Product Review of Samsung QX410

I found this picture to back blog for this day and thought hum… what can be said of the adorable baby I often post banging on the keys? I know! How about the machine she is banging on. First, know that this is one of a long line of laptops I have had and the […]

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Day 58 – The Joy of Love Bromance

joy of love: day 26‏ the bromance This lesson was to capture the bromance in our mans life. This for me was easy for the day as my husband was busy trying to master a game. Starcraft 2. He even has the official Mouse for it and would love the keyboard! We enjoy gaming from […]

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