Top Treats For Perking Up Your Partner


The fact of the matter is that parenthood is hard. Balancing the stresses and strains of your daily life with parenting your kids is no easy task, so it is no wonder that every now and again you end up feeling a little down in the dumps. Stress can play a big part in your […]

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Never marry someone who wouldn’t be a great Daddy


Poster they made Dad for Fathers Day. Yes, he let the 4 kids eat most of the candy! LOL They knew he would! When I was a teenager I was a wild little thing. I wanted to get out into the world and experience everything life had to offer and to heck with the rules. […]

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Mom is a geek — Book Tree


“Mom, your such a geek!” is something I now hear coming out of my 13 year old daughters mouth. One would think it was an insult but alas, I can’t argue with her and truth be told, she is a bit as well. She will not however admit to it most days!    What to […]

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What to get Geek Dad for his Birthday

I have impossible to shop for men in my life! Do you too? This past week was my husbands 35th birthday and I got him ONE gift. Why just one? Because I used all the other ideas on Fathers day already and was fresh out. I should have bugged him more and done more research […]

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