Never marry someone who wouldn’t be a great Daddy


Poster they made Dad for Fathers Day. Yes, he let the 4 kids eat most of the candy! LOL They knew he would! When I was a teenager I was a wild little thing. I wanted to get out into the world and experience everything life had to offer and to heck with the rules. […]

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Mom is a geek — Book Tree


“Mom, your such a geek!” is something I now hear coming out of my 13 year old daughters mouth. One would think it was an insult but alas, I can’t argue with her and truth be told, she is a bit as well. She will not however admit to it most days!    What to […]

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What to get Geek Dad for his Birthday

I have impossible to shop for men in my life! Do you too? This past week was my husbands 35th birthday and I got him ONE gift. Why just one? Because I used all the other ideas on Fathers day already and was fresh out. I should have bugged him more and done more research […]

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