Introducing The Yellow Fox!


If you’ve ever had to give a gift and not known what to get, this new company called The Yellow Fox is for you! (check them out on Kickstarter!)   It’s hard sometimes to think of that great gift – something that isn’t just a generic gift card, but something they’re actually going to use. […]

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Review – JORD – Wonderful Gifts – Wood Watches

cora-36-front-angled JORD has stuningly beautiful watches that combine nature and technology. I feel like they feel like “home” and wonder, specially the cog pieces this the one above. I can picture a watch like this on a character from Doctor Who can’t you? The above wooden watch for men is a great gift for him! […]

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Review – Carved Creations – Beautiful Gifts


  Using old-world craftsmanship and the latest technology along with professional designs Carved Creations is leading the way in Mother Jewelry and more. Their dedication to quality custom pieces has set the world bar in this industry very high and you can tell just by looking around their beautiful and inspiring site.  When you feel […]

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Is LG OLED from Best Buy on your wish list too?

LG_OLED_Infill_smaller file 2

 I admit it, my family is full of great geeks and one of the things we love happens to be new technology and yes, we try to get it as soon as we can because life is short and new discoveries are exhilarating. We are so lucky to live in a time where new technology […]

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Holiday Gift Guide – Little Reader Chair Review – Giveaway


  Click above image to see the full gift guide and other giveaways!     P’kolino   When looking for smart fun toys it is no wonder really that my searching brought me to P’kolino, they specialize in all things smart and playful. They started with international design students from Rhode Island School of Design […]

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide – SmartLab Toys Giveaway


SmartLab Toys is a very smart company that strives to help kids learn as they play. They specialize in gifts for ages 4 – 12 but even adults love their toys. I am glad to introduce them to you in this holiday gift guide and hopefully help you finish your holiday shopping. Be sure to […]

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Green Apple Supply Review and Giveaway


It is my honor to introduce you to Green Apple Supply, a store that cares started back in 2004 by a  mother who just wanted the best for her daughter who was diagnosed with a disease known to have    roots in environmental pollutants. Fighting for her daughter, for all our children Stephanie created Green Apple Supply, a store […]

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Pictures On Gold Review and Giveaway!

Newest Pictures On Gold Giveaway Can be Found at This is the perfect gift for all the mothers in your life!   I am lucky to have been chosen to review for this wonderful company to review a special Locket. They sent me the most beautiful and personal silver locket I have ever seen, the […]

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Greener Alternatives to Wrapping Paper!

If your one of my beloved readers than you might well have guessed by the title of this post that the first thing on my list of greener items to wrap with would be…. 1. Playsilks!                                       […]

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October 7th — Play Silks

One of the questions I was asked this week was “What gift to get a 2 year old?” and the first thing to pop into my head was play silks. We had discovered them on our homeschooling waldorf inspired journey and we love them. From baby to tween! The above photo is of my 3 […]

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