Still time to get that last minute personalized gift!

Framers Pointe

Dear sweet overwhelmed parents, you are enough. I know it can be hard to get all our ducks in a row this time of year. I know has been specially hard for me this year! This post though is an effort to help you cross some gifts off your list that you can feel great […]

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Last Minute Life Savers: Gift Ideas Your Other Half Will Love

Christmas is approaching at lightning speed, but there’s still time to get those remaining gifts. If you’re stuck for ideas or you’re worried that you’ve left it too late, don’t panic! Here are some last minute life savers your other half will love!   The foodie Does your partner love cooking or are they a […]

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Stuffing Your Kid’s Christmas Stocking

Stocking Stuffer Inspiration

Image Credit   We all want to give the best possible Christmas to our children, but often we get caught up in the consumerism of Christmas that it can turn into a competitive craving to “keep up with the Jones” that can lead to financial pressure and even serious debt.  Christmas is the season of […]

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Struggling For Gift Ideas? Look No Further

Have someone hard to shop for?

It doesn’t matter who you’re buying for, sometimes you just don’t have a clue what to buy. It’s so easy with young children. They want everything and anything, and will be happy with pretty much whatever toy they get. As they get older, it gets so much harder. They only want really specific things that […]

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Growing Up At Christmas: Mastering Parent Duties During Your Child’s Pre-Teen Transition

Elf on a Shelf Fun for all ages, specially tweens!

Credit: You can still make it a Christmas to remember   The pre-teen years are notoriously difficult to get right at Christmas. Your son or daughter’s interests can change massively between summer and winter. This is especially if this was the year that they graduated to middle school. Unfortunately, the days of Barbie dolls and […]

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The Things Kids Really Want


Image Credit   As your child grows up, the demands they have grow and grow, even though they’re meant to become more independant. As they go through school they’ll be influenced by different friends to want different things, this can then lead up to a nightmare for you. All you’ll ever want for your kids […]

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Give Back: Ways You Can Help Those Less Fortunate

donation bank

Charities do excellent work and can help (and even save) the lives of so many. But they’re not government backed so receive no funding, meaning it’s up to kind members of the public to raise money and fund their work. If you want to help charities as well as feel good in the process, here […]

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Your Guide To Becoming A Better Gift-Giver

Gifting Tips For Him For Her

  Everyone loves receiving gifts. Sure, there are varying degrees of this, but don’t believe anyone that says they don’t like receiving a little something-something; it is that feeling of being handed a present, totally confused by what it could be, the neat wrapping paper obscuring everything but the shape of the packaging it comes […]

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Review – JORD – Wonderful Gifts – Wood Watches

cora-36-front-angled JORD has stuningly beautiful watches that combine nature and technology. I feel like they feel like “home” and wonder, specially the cog pieces this the one above. I can picture a watch like this on a character from Doctor Who can’t you? The above wooden watch for men is a great gift for him! […]

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Is LG OLED from Best Buy on your wish list too?

LG_OLED_Infill_smaller file 2

 I admit it, my family is full of great geeks and one of the things we love happens to be new technology and yes, we try to get it as soon as we can because life is short and new discoveries are exhilarating. We are so lucky to live in a time where new technology […]

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Green Apple Supply Review and Giveaway


It is my honor to introduce you to Green Apple Supply, a store that cares started back in 2004 by a  mother who just wanted the best for her daughter who was diagnosed with a disease known to have    roots in environmental pollutants. Fighting for her daughter, for all our children Stephanie created Green Apple Supply, a store […]

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More Spoons!

Love these hot chocolate stirring spoons and very easy to make. I don’t think I need to share directions but before I forget I wanted to share a tip about them. Tip: Use a book under the handle ends so that the spoon rests on the counter/table flat and not slanted, else the melted chocolate […]

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