Gifts For Guys: Shopping Made Simple!

gaming gifts for guys

Do you find it almost impossible to come up with original ideas for male relatives or a partner every year? For some reason, buying gifts for guys seems to be a lot harder than buying for sisters, moms and female friends. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve put […]

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Introducing The Yellow Fox!


If you’ve ever had to give a gift and not known what to get, this new company called The Yellow Fox is for you! (check them out on Kickstarter!)   It’s hard sometimes to think of that great gift – something that isn’t just a generic gift card, but something they’re actually going to use. […]

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Review – JORD – Wonderful Gifts – Wood Watches

cora-36-front-angled JORD has stuningly beautiful watches that combine nature and technology. I feel like they feel like “home” and wonder, specially the cog pieces this the one above. I can picture a watch like this on a character from Doctor Who can’t you? The above wooden watch for men is a great gift for him! […]

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Review – Carved Creations – Beautiful Gifts


  Using old-world craftsmanship and the latest technology along with professional designs Carved Creations is leading the way in Mother Jewelry and more. Their dedication to quality custom pieces has set the world bar in this industry very high and you can tell just by looking around their beautiful and inspiring site.  When you feel […]

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More People Born In September

The Month with the Most Births Happens to be September! It is thought that it is because it is 9 months after some large holidays and people tend to do those happy things when things are happy. Holidays tend to be happy right?  Birthdays are special, we all know this. We all have one! How […]

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A Necklace Perfect for Baby

 I was very pleased to have been picked to review a special Amber Necklace for my baby. My baby happens to be two now and growing so fast. She had hit a rocky point in her development that had me wondering if maybe her teeth where hurting her. She would wake at night crying and […]

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Pictures On Gold Fathers Day Giveaway Ends June 14

PicturesOnGold is a MANUFACTURER of 14 KARAT GOLD and STERLING SILVER (custom made JEWELRY). I have two pieces of custom Jewelry from them that are just so beautiful and well made. I gush over what great gifts their items are! They have items for the great Fathers in our lives and I wanted to share with you this giveaway. […]

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What to buy a 2 year old for her Birthday!

I am going to share with you my top 5 list of things to buy for a 2 year old as my little one is turning 2 next week so the topic is on my mind and that of friends and family. Maybe this little list will help you. I like the number 5 for […]

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Girls Grow Up, Period.

Here is another topic many parents seem to not want to talk about. For us homeschooling parents we have to think about the best ways to explain puberty giving our children all the information the need, there is no public school to help with this. We are the health class teachers. This might be why […]

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10 wonderful Natural Toys for 5-7 year olds.


First, let me say Happy Holidays! Second, if your shopping for a 5-7 year old boy or girl I think your very wise to be looking for natural toys and gifts. While big box stores have lots of plastic that blinks and beeps, by now I am guessing you have had any of it that […]

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10 wonderful Natural Toys for 1-2 year olds

natural gifts for 1 and 2 year old babies

I often get asked what I will be getting my children for the holidays, and their birthdays. Of course love and yummy food and time with family but what loved ones really want to know is what gifts they can give kids that they will love! As for toys, a lot of thought goes into […]

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