Thanksgiving STEM Activities – Guest Post

STEM Thanksgiving Kids Activities

By: Erica Saint Clair, PhD Thanksgiving is sneaking up, I mean really, it is less than a week away. Yikes! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year, mostly because it really focuses on being together, not on candy (like Halloween), or presents (like Christmas). Of course, there is only so much being together […]

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What Happens at a Scrapyard?

    As car sales are rising, naturally, more cars will be ending up in scrap heaps. It is estimated that there are more than one million cars crushed per year.   Peter Quinn, owner of Emerald Car Sales believes that the rise in car scrappages will affect the car sales industry as part exchanges […]

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Check The 4 Wheeler’s Tires Regularly


 Guest Post! For parents, getting kids outside to enjoy the sun and the dirt is becoming more of a challenge and a priority. Some are jumping into the 4 Wheeler world to accomplish this all important goal of being outside in nature with their kids and they are having a tremendous amount of fun doing […]

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Master Money Worries To Give Your Child The Best Education


  Children and education. It’s a tricky subject, rife with questions which every parent has a different answer for. But, aside from questions about how much is too much, and which schools are best, some parents have more pressing concerns. We’re talking, of course, about money. Even in state schools, there are extra costs to […]

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Should You Always Take Advantage Of Extra-Curricular Opportunities For Your Children?

pexels-photo-207653 (1)

  At this time of the year, kids come home with flyers or letters about sporting clubs, music groups, camps and other extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it’s easy to see the benefits of participating in them, and at other times you wonder what on earth they were thinking! At this age, it really is important to […]

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Helping Kids With Homework: That Difficult Balance


Image by Flickr   Parenting is a job that comes with many challenges, but chief amongst them is ensuring that our kids have the best possible education. Education is a pathway to opportunity, and it’s the single most effective tool that a parent can use to shape their child’s future. When our kids are very […]

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Top Tips for the Accidental Homeschooler


There are many parents that become a homeschooler by accident, i.e. they had no intentions of homeschooling their children. This can happen for a number of different reasons. Perhaps your child was being bullied? Maybe an illness meant they could no longer go to school? Or, poor grades may have encouraged you to take action. […]

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Readymade Organic Baby Food

Organic Baby Food

I am sure we mothers know that there are many brands of premade baby food in the market. Whenever you do your shopping for your babies, you will see these readymade baby food in packages or glass jars lining the shelves in the stores or supermarkets. Some of the brands have been in existence for […]

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Parents: Prepare For Home Medical Emergencies


Many parents know too well the wish that they could predict the future. If you knew what was going to happen, you would experience much less stress as a parent, knowing that you could keep your children even safer. Of course, no such prescience exists, so the next best thing is to know how best […]

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Buying Wholesale For Bigger Profit

52-K-M27196AP-12-1 (1)

Dear Business Moms and Dads, Are you noticing a steady drop in your online business? Then you will have to check out the selling prices of your goods with those from other websites. Could it be that your selling prices are higher than others? Smart customers can easily compare prices online and they will definitely […]

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Summer Adventure: Tips For Traveling With Your Husky Pup


Image source   Snuggling up with your puppy in those chilly winter months is amazing, but enjoying life with a puppy during those long summer days is as close to perfect as anything gets, especially if you’re puppy is a Siberian Husky. They just love being outside, playing, exploring, seeking out adventures and entertaining their […]

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Learn the Curious Connection Between Your Nerves and Anxiety


By: Michale Ben Anxiety is a problem that more people are dealing with all of the time. Because of that, it’s really important that we understand how it works and what we can do in order to take care of the issues at hand that are related to the whole thing. That being said, there are […]

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7 Shoes Every Woman Should Own


    In your life, there are certain events you will always remember. For many women, we mark those moments by the shoes we wore. We remember what shoes we wore to prom (silver strappy heels from Payless), what shoes we wore every day in college (that slimy pair of flip flops that doubled as […]

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4 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Gain From Sports

storts kids

A sport is one of the most powerful teachers children can have. From it, they can learn values like endurance, determination, teamwork, dedication, and so much more. There’s truly a wealth of wisdom to be gained. For this reason, many have used sports as a medium for imparting valuable life lessons and developing character.   […]

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Tips for Taking Back to School Pics of Homeschoolers


Tips for Taking Back to School Pics of Homeschoolers     Just because you’ve made the decision to start homeschooling your child doesn’t mean he or she has to miss out on school picture day. There are many public school “traditions” that homeschooling parents want nothing to do with, but yearly pictures isn’t one of […]

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How to Get Work Done With the Kids Around

SamJ Bio Photo

  As all working mothers know, it can be hard to get work done when your kids are around. Even your greatest intentions can be thwarted as you set up a meeting in advance at a time when you know your kids will be out, or the baby will be napping; only to get a […]

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Guest Post: Good Parenting from Head to Toe

  Being a parent isn’t easy. Between worrying about your children’s health and wellbeing and whether you’ll have enough money to send them to college, sometimes you can feel overstretched and overwhelmed. But good parenting isn’t just about the big opportunities you can give your children or the shiny new things you buy them. Being […]

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Health Travel – a new useful trend!

It is not unusual for people to increase their weight while they are on vacation. Being lazy and eating and drinking can certainly affect anyone’s weight. It doesn’t really matter whether you are afraid that you will gain weight while you are traveling or you already have few extra pounds or you just want to […]

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Guest Post: Why you should hire a corporate event planner

  Planning, organizing and executing a corporate event is hard work.  It takes a lot of different skills to organize a successful event, and it can be overwhelming for the average person.  That’s where corporate event planners come in.  They can take the pressure off of you and use their expertise to create a memorable […]

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Mountain Celebrations: Whistler Was Made for Family Christmas Memories

When it comes to winter getaways in British Columbia, the resort town of Whistler is the perfect place to enjoy a Christmas celebration. Whistler accommodations, world-class skiing, and picturesque surroundings make the Coast Mountains among the most enchanting winter destinations on the planet. If you want to enjoy the holidays in a spectacular wintry location, […]

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