How to Help Your Daughter Cope with Acne?

How to Help Your Daughter Cope with Acne? Does your daughter have acne? Is it visible? Despite her condition, she needs your help and attention.  Don’t worry; you don’t need to pull off a miracle by making it disappear. Instead, you have to help her cope with it, and let it fade away naturally. Psychological […]

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Why is no one telling moms this about Health Savings Accounts?

Health is a topic important to Moms. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this! Yet no one seems to be talking to is us Moms straight about what is actually going on with Health Savings Accounts. The “well off” talking heads on the news keep mentioning them, but there are things they aren’t […]

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Review: VitaminVape – Better B12

Vitamin Vape B12

I was truly surprised when I heard that you could vape vitamins and looking into it, it looks to work. I am not a doctor though so read the studies yourself of course! I was really happy to find Vitaminvape – B12 as like many people with diabetes, and even those with PCOS, I know […]

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My life changing Groupon Moment


Most of my readers here at are smart busy moms who I am sure know all about Groupon. So telling you that Groupon is amazing isn’t a shock. I am writing today though to tell you about one of the coupons I that has actually been life changing for me because I don’t want […]

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Health – Helping your important second brain thrive!


  We learned in high school that bacteria cells out number our human cells 10 to 1. Then we learned that the number is actually closer to being equal parts. Of course those cells are so tiny that by mass, they only make up 2 percent of our weight. That 2 percent though we have […]

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Cavities Don’t Take Vacations: Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth Wherever You Go


You have to be constantly aware of the need to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible and even a couple of weeks away from your usual cleaning regime while you are on vacation, could be enough to do a small amount of damage.   Here is a look at how you can […]

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5 Helpful Tips to Help Little Ones Deal With Fevers

Advil Children's Fever Reducer

   This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FightFever #CollectiveBias   1. Electrolyte Freezer Pops While many parents know not to give kids soda as it is empty calories at best and poses other health risks at it’s worst most parents don’t know that fruit juices are […]

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Should You Get An Air Purifier?


The short answer in my opinion is yes and here are the reasons why I have air purifiers in my own home to help protect my family from indoor air pollution. The dangers of indoor air pollution are bigger than I had ever known till a few years ago. I had once read that Homemakers […]

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Parent’s Guide to Childhood Asthma


With over 7 million children living with Asthma it is a topic all parents should be aware of. Sadly over 150 children die because of it each year so even if your children do not have it, this is good information to have. There are many factors that can cause Asthma and one of them […]

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Are you having this moment each day or failing yourself?

   Being Happy with Your Life I sit outside in the ending heat with the sun dropping lower and lower in the sky. The day is almost over and I find myself so content. I think about this contentment almost every evening like this, out in the yard, watering the garden, watching the kids play. […]

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Review: Hyperbiotics – So glad to have this!


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I could not have gotten Hyperbiotics PRO-15 at a better time! If you know the importance of probiotics and you looking to try something you have not tried before, I would suggest this! (Though of course I am not a Doctor so ask yours first – […]

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Are you a Mom with anxiety too?


  Anxiety is sadly more common than many know and isn’t something to be ashamed of though many are. So here I am saying I am an imperfect mother who has Anxiety! This was so clear to me and many who know me over the past month when I was struck hard with panic attacks. […]

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Are you keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?


  I hope it doesn’t sound like bragging but most years I do better than this when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I made it at least half way into the year before things spiraled into old patterns. This year though is proving a lot more difficult though I don’t think my […]

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Giveaway — Flu Health Pack

Disclaimer:One or more products below were provided for free. However the review is my honest opinion. This post may include affiliate links.   Mom Are We There Yet has brought you this great flu-busting giveaway. We all know with the holidays coming and winter and being closed up more indoors it only means one thing… […]

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Dental – Does my daughter really need a spacer?


My 5 year old storm baby went to the dentist for a pain in her tooth she had over the weekend. Poor kid, it was infected and so they pulled it out. They found 3 cavities and said she needed a tooth filed down and a cap placed over a nerve along with a spacer […]

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doTERRA for Headaches Because I am a Mom


Like most Crunchy parents and parents who follow attachment parenting I find that I reach for natural remedies before others. The biggest reason for this these days is simply my experience. Years and years of research and seeking out the best for my babies. Few doctors are trained or education on anything natural, they are […]

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My Fibromyalgia is worse when I eat Wheat!

  When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I was in denial. I ended up trying many medications and in the end I asked one of my Doctors a simple question, is there any kind of diet that might help with my pain. The response was a flat out no. When I asked him about it […]

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21 Day Sugar Detox – Fail

  On day 13 I choose to quit. I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t prep well enough, didn’t have my mind wrapped around it well enough. The biggest issue I think though was not cooking enough meals and having enough food on the ok list available at any given time. When I saw a post […]

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21 Day Sugar Detox – Update Day 12

     Not Fun While I have friends who have done this program without issues, I seem to have no such luck. I learned after a week into it that I had gained weight, likely due to over indulging in nuts that are high in carbohydrates compared to other things on this diet. The idea […]

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I Went Gluten Free and Gained Weight!

  I was rather shocked that after a month of going gluten free to find I have gained a handful of pounds. I thought I was doing well. I was wrong. Thinking on how it could have happened I came to the conclusion that it had to be that I increased my sugars some how […]

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