Should You Get An Air Purifier?


The short answer in my opinion is yes and here are the reasons why I have air purifiers in my own home to help protect my family from indoor air pollution. The dangers of indoor air pollution are bigger than I had ever known till a few years ago. I had once read that Homemakers […]

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Do Crunchy Parents cut coupons?


  I saw this image on facebook and I had to share it. I remember my couponing days and I remember how hard it was even all those years ago to save money on healthy things because so many of the coupons where for processed junk! I had friends who would joke that they wouldn’t […]

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The smoothie not to miss! Antioxidant Packed Bliss!


The nutribullet is wildly popular right now and maybe with good reason! Unlike most blenders it actually can handle seeds and peels and unlike juicers you don’t lose the fiber and so much more. So why drink an Antioxidant smoothie at least once a week? Because Antioxidants are great for your immune system. They can […]

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Natural Health — Gift Essential Oils!


While many of who practice natural parenting are busy looking for ways to make the holidays meaningful and healthy I thought I would share a gift idea that might be over looked. Essential oils might seem daunting to those not trained in how to use them but with some help and guidance I think they […]

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I love a good doctor!

What makes a good Doctor?  First in my eyes a good Doctor has to accept that as a patient I am interested in knowing all I can about my health, conditions, and that I will research and be well informed too. Granted Dr Internet is not always helpful but that will not keep me from […]

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Parents – You must stop this!

A circumcision lawsuit ended in a Win against the Dr and Hospital who preformed it! In short, circumcision is genital mutilation and it needs to stop. There is no educated reason for doing so.  My son is intact. His father is not. I learned about the importance of foreskin while on the forums in […]

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Easy Healthy Snacks — Parenting Advice

Chances are if your reading this that your a busy parent who sometimes despite your parental super powers needs a quick snack to run out the door with for your children. By easy, I mean really easy! No cooking classes or scouring for online recipes needed! A friend asked me about healthy snacks admitting that too […]

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Guest Blooger! When Doctors Don’t Take Your Concerns Seriously

When Doctors Don’t Take Your Concerns Seriously By Stephen Gallup Recently, I was a guest on a nationwide radio call-in program to discuss childhood disability. A mom in Tampa contacted the show to fret about the fact that she believes her son has a developmental problem and “the doctors can never say yes or no.” […]

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Original Sprout Luxury Review and Giveaway!

Original Sprout Worry-Free Luxury Being a crunchy parent often being knowing things I wish I didn’t. Such as how harmful chemicals can be found in many main stream baby products. I did a blog piece on this a bit ago “Best for baby or Toxic” and I wanted to follow up on it more after […]

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What’s Essential?

  As an Army wife, mother of 4, and surrogate mother of 2, the most essential thing in my life is time with my loved ones. Poor health and death are my biggest fears. Every time my husband leaves the house, every time one of us get sick, every time my health takes a down […]

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Sept 26th — LunchBots — #imabzzagent

Another day, another daily campaign from our beloved BzzAgent sight. Today I WANT IN because this product speaks to the mother in me, the mother who wants to keep my children safe from harmful plastics and wants something simple to help lunch go smooth. I want to try LunchBots! Don’t you? I am better a […]

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