Motherhood’s A Miracle, But It Can Be Hell On Your Body

Helping your Mommy Body

It might be the most rewarding and joyful role you ever play in your life, but even the happiest of mothers will admit that it’s no walk in the park. Especially when it comes to your body and your health. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most common concerns new mothers struggle […]

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Small Changes with Big Health Benefits

Image source   If you aren’t exactly the perfect specimen of health (and who of us is), now is the perfect time to quit the excuses and start thinking about what you can do to change that. Get a head start on the New Year’s resolutions by making one or more of these small changes […]

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Health – Helping your important second brain thrive!


  We learned in high school that bacteria cells out number our human cells 10 to 1. Then we learned that the number is actually closer to being equal parts. Of course those cells are so tiny that by mass, they only make up 2 percent of our weight. That 2 percent though we have […]

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Should You Get An Air Purifier?


The short answer in my opinion is yes and here are the reasons why I have air purifiers in my own home to help protect my family from indoor air pollution. The dangers of indoor air pollution are bigger than I had ever known till a few years ago. I had once read that Homemakers […]

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Do Crunchy Parents cut coupons?


  I saw this image on facebook and I had to share it. I remember my couponing days and I remember how hard it was even all those years ago to save money on healthy things because so many of the coupons where for processed junk! I had friends who would joke that they wouldn’t […]

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Make your own Natural Holiday House Cleaners!


Tis the season to be Jolly Falalala….. -sneeze- Is the outside of your home looking like a twinkling wonderland while the inside is a place best left unseen? It happens to the best of us from time to time. For me a Crunchy Mom I feel like I have to balance keeping things clean with […]

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Natural Health — Gift Essential Oils!


While many of who practice natural parenting are busy looking for ways to make the holidays meaningful and healthy I thought I would share a gift idea that might be over looked. Essential oils might seem daunting to those not trained in how to use them but with some help and guidance I think they […]

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DefenderPad Review and Giveaway Why I need this product is really rather simple to understand. I live with my laptop. For the past 7 years or so I have been on and off my laptops, and even slept within 2 feet of them. Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am addicted to the internet. Joking aside, my […]

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Teas Tea Review – Giveaway Playing outside in the warm air, feeling sweat prickle the back of my sun beaten neck I find myself in bliss as I play with bubbles with my children. Being outside is always a reminder to me about how health, the vitamins from the sun, the cleansing air, and youth found in movement. I […]

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