Helping you remember and save on Holiday Necessary Forgettables!

  Santa knows that having lists help to save the holidays! Thanks to my husband I have an amazing program to keep track of the gifts for everyone on our list. I track the wish list ideas, where I might get them, what I might pay. I then track where I got the item, what […]

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Make Christmas Fun Again by Planning Ahead This Year

Making Christmas Fun Again

With Christmas just around the corner, many families are scrambling to get all of their decorations, gifts and cards in order. If you’ve ever left these things till the last minute, then you’ll know how a frustrating and expensive it can get. Decorations are usually more expensive when bought last-minute, and deciding on the perfect […]

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Buying a Gift for the Most Difficult Person in Your Life

gifts for someone impossible to shop for

  We all have that one person in our life; the one who no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to take by surprise with a great gift that they truly love. Sure, they’ll make all the right noises and show their appreciation as best they can, but you know deep down […]

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Fuzzy Wonderz – Is it real?


Check out our Unboxing and Review of the Fuzzy Wonderz As a mommy blogger I love reviewing products with my kids. I love researching the companies, finding out what others think, and really diving into a product. When I saw Fuzzy Wonders pop up on my facebook wall I was a bit shocked I had […]

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Free Printable To Organize Your Gift Giving!

wrapping paper

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PowerYourHoliday #CollectiveBias This year I am going to be prepared for the Holiday Gift Giving Season! With 7 children to shop for plus family and friends you might imagine things can get rather chaotic at times and each year […]

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Day 1 Advent Calendar Book – The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

24 Advent Calendar Books

Each evening of December the children get a new book to unwrap from the Bedtime Elf all the way up until Christmas! You can click the image above to go and see the book list as it unfolds! The Smallest Gift Of Christmas by Peter H Reynolds This story is about a little boy named […]

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Holiday Gift Guide – 2015

Frozen Humidity

Tis the season to count our blessings and spend wonderful fun times with family making memories. It is also the gift giving season for many of us and finding the perfect gifts can be a bit stressful. Let bloggers help by showing you the best, most fun, or most useful gifts out there! Read the […]

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Halloween Fun Guide 2015!

Halloween Fun Guide 2015

Halloween Fun Guide Halloween time is here and it is time for all things spooky, adorable, and yummy! Don’t miss the latest and greatest in the Halloween world this year b checking out the great things below! From safe face paint for kids to the cutest costumes, this guide can help make Halloween magical!   […]

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A Green Christmas: 5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Light Up Your Holiday


Celebrating the holidays in style doesn’t necessarily mean you have break out the surge protectors. Bright lights and illuminated figurines are eye-catching, but they also use tremendous amounts of energy. Don’t be a Grinch about decorating for the holidays simply because the anticipation of an expensive energy bill turns you green. By following these five […]

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Is Santa Real? – How do you respond to this?


We learn when we are little that lying is bad and can hurt people and yet certain lies are cultural an we look at them as innocent. They don’t always turn out that way though. In my 15 years of parenting I have come across accounts of children feeling very betrayed over the Santa myth […]

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Who goes into debt for the Holidays?


       Is holiday debt an American Tradition? By talking to some readers of mine online is sounds like debt for many is a given when it comes to the holidays. I have to admit, I nearly did it myself this year. But why? There are so many expectations and we all just want […]

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Does your Elf On The Shelf leave notes too?


I love Elf On The Shelf Ideas  One of the ideas I have seen many parents doing is having their elf leave little notes to interact with the children. It is so adorable seeing friends post about the exchanges the kids have with their magical little santa spies! One elf shared a crazy holiday wish […]

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Make your own Natural Holiday House Cleaners!


Tis the season to be Jolly Falalala….. -sneeze- Is the outside of your home looking like a twinkling wonderland while the inside is a place best left unseen? It happens to the best of us from time to time. For me a Crunchy Mom I feel like I have to balance keeping things clean with […]

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Vacation Fun!

This little crunchy family of 6 are busy enjoying our holiday fun! I could not leave my beloved readers without something fun to look at though so here is a photo of Mr. Handsome and his fantastic goofy smile and adorable hamster shirt. (Made by my favorite WAHM Westmama) 

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Was there something in your home that was gifted to one person but others can’t keep their hands off it? LOL This seems to be the case with many items here. The first time on Christmas that it happened was with this scarf. Our oldest daughter made it for her brother who was so happy […]

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Hamster Love!

All my children love their Hamsters. We have three little guys. Knowing their hamster love I knew I needed special shirts for our 6 and 4 year old children. This is Mr. Handsome very happy with his new shirt on Christmas morning. He later insisted on putting that shirt on for the day. He actually […]

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 Happy HolidaysMay all your wishes be within reach!

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Recycle Childrens spare art work!

  My 4 children create a lot of art and we can not possibly keep it all but it is rather sad to have let it leave our home. This project makes it less sad, more fun.  My 6 year old helped with this project.             I think you get the idea about how […]

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I win!

   I am competitive with my husband. I admit it. Sometimes I just have to win. He is brilliant, has gotten more handsome with age, and he has this out of the house life that I don’t. Sometimes I just have to be better at something than he is. We play a lot of game […]

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Hot Chocolate Stirring Spoons

  These are hot chocolate stirring spoons. We made them to go in cute little boxes with hot chocolate mix. Simple and sweet. (Well hand making the boxes was not simple!)   I found this idea on pinterest, like so many wonderful ideas. You can find a link to them HERE.    I think younger […]

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