Should You Get An Air Purifier?


The short answer in my opinion is yes and here are the reasons why I have air purifiers in my own home to help protect my family from indoor air pollution. The dangers of indoor air pollution are bigger than I had ever known till a few years ago. I had once read that Homemakers […]

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Do you love IKEA too? Don’t miss this!

IKEA_Jeff_Beth_Poster_Frame_02 - Copy

IKEA is back to playing with Time Travel! Why yes, they are a home goods store with furniture and decor we adore, they also it seems are full of imagination! You knew that though right? IKEA LAUNCHED HYPNOTIZING TIME TRAVEL EXPERIMENT #2 Hypnotist Justin Tranz, a rather famous hypnotist put a young couple, Jeff and […]

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Review – Toxin Free Soap nuts liquid laundry detergent


Liquid Soap Nuts From Green Virgin Products If you know me then you know I am not at all a virgin to green products but I rather like the name of this company, it is the idea of something untouched. So many of our house hold products are filled with toxic chemicals. Sure a little […]

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Natural House Review and Giveaway!

We all know probiotics are good for the body so maybe I should not have been so shocked to learn they are good for my house too. Did you know this? If not, let me explain! Natural House makes natural household cleaning products using the non-toxic powers of probiotics. Simply put we need to treat our homes […]

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21 days to a clean organized home

 I think it is time that I dive into something I have been meaning to do.  Become more minimalist. Meaning that I want to free my home of things not really needed and loved, get more organized, reduce waist.  This is another blog, with a plan, and that is more than I have so far […]

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The Compact

As you might be able to tell, our castle has too many books! Or at least not enough room for them all as things stand. Not sure I believe anyone can have too many books actually! hehehehe my own personal passion though, just happens to be shared by everyone in the house. That being said, […]

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