Creating The Snuggliest Of Family Snugs With This Guide


There will always be a point in your home where the family gathers. It might be your living room or if you are lucky you may have a room, in your home perfect for the job, but perhaps needs some love and TLC. A snug is normally a smaller room in your home where the […]

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4 Cool Thermostat Options for Your Home


As time marches on, technology advances in a multitude of ways, leading to appliances with more and more features. Every aspect of our lives is affected by these changes, from cleaning and food storage to climate control. Although the trusty old thermostat has been a part of human lives for more than a century, exciting […]

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Beautiful Garden: The Best Garden Pests That Actually Help Your Garden Grow


  Gardeners have plenty to worry about. from plant diseases to ensuring adequate levels of water and sunlight, there are many concerns when it comes to the precious plants and flowers in the garden. While there are countless types of pests that could destroy your roses, tomatoes, or cabbages, there are many garden bugs that […]

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Safer Home: Safer Kids


Keeping the kiddos safe is a number one priority for a mom. In fact, when you are outside of the house you can even go into unconscious scanning mode looking for things that could be dangerous before they even happen. Such as a truck reversing, or a deep pond nearby. But when we are at […]

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The Future of Home Security – Keeping Your Children Safe

Security Home For Kids Alone

  There comes a time in every parent’s life when it’s time to start letting your kids venture out a bit on their own. This is a scary prospect for most parents – especially with the ever present danger of child predators lurking around. If the prospect of leaving your kids at home by themselves […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Kids Shower Heads


The Ultimate Guide to Kids Shower Heads Description: Thinking of getting a shower head for kids? Get the best tips and advice in this article. Most kids love to play with water, and so bath time and showering can be a fun adventure. If your child is ready to make the transition from the baby […]

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