Birth Story – A Quick and Beautiful Homebirth


Birth Story By: Emma Davies A Planned Homebith The morning I was 4 days over due I woke feeling uncomfortable, not contractions but just achy all over. I carried on with the day as usual. With 3 kids to care for I didn’t have time to sit and think. Jack my eldest is 10 and […]

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4 Things to be sure to consider when thinking about a Home Birth.


I am glad that after 4 hospital births I was brave enough to try a homebirth. Granted my husband was a soldier in iraq at the time, just home long enough it seems to leave me a little present he wasn’t going to be home in time to catch at delivery. With all the brave […]

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A good Journalist takes a look at Home Birthing

   I was not sure what I would be reading when I read the title  Slate: How dangerous is giving birth at home?  While there have been many enlightening pieces as of late on the topic because of some great research on the topic the over all feeling still seems to be one of disbelief and […]

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