My newest panic attack over homeschooling high school!


My dear beautiful amazing teenager is now in 11th grade. It is her first day back to school in an online private school that she loves. She has always been homeschooled and always had a great deal of say about her education. I feel like I have failed her though because today her principle told […]

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Homeschooling Secular Easter – Printable

Easter Eggs Natural

How we homeschool around Secular Easter Not every homeschool family is obber religious as you might well know. Some actually go out of our way to be secular, or free from religion. Others go out of their way to put modern religions in the same box as they do ancient religions, sharing the facts without […]

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Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me Art Project


We found a fantastic and fun art project to go along with an adorable book and just had to try it ourselves! Supplies Needed:  Paint Paint Brushes Sparkle Paper Star Paper Punch Scissors Paper Popsicle Sticks Glue Camera Photo Paper and Printer Storm Baby is now 8 years old! Directions: Have children paint a night […]

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#Review – Fantastic Art Curriculum


This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media.  All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Art Squish Free Creative Blog Thank you for taking a moment to check out this post about this Art Giveaway. The first part of Art Squish is it’s free creative blog for […]

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One of the many “best things” I love doing with the kids!


Art can be hard for some homeschool families when Mom doesn’t have any talent in it. Thankfully these days YouTube is a great teacher! My teen goes to an online private school and one of her electives is Art. The teacher uses a great text book but some things books can not teach as effectively […]

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You know you homeschool when your child asks for a DNA Extractor for Christmas!


  My dear sweet boy who just turned 9 has a lot going on! He is lucky to be able to spend so much time working on his passions, currently he has put a lot of thought into his future. He wants to be a scientist and he wants to create Dinosaurs. Why boy doesn’t […]

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Back to Cyber Schooling


  It was late, 1am kind of late, and my teenager was still awake. She was clearly excited and nervous and she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes glittered in the dark room and she near bounced up and down telling me about how much she looked forward to the next morning. She was going into highschool, […]

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Common Core – Another Reason We Homeschool

  It is a question that gets asked often it seems, “What do you think about Common Core?”  You might be expecting this post to be a diatribe of disdain for the government sticking it’s nose in education. That is certainly what you most likely would get from a Fundamentalist Conservative homeschooling parent. I however […]

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Free Worksheet: My Little Pony Upper and Lowercase Letters

A free printable worksheet! Don’t forget that this is for personal use only! As a homeschooling mother I love creating things for my children to help with their learning that interest them. All my children happen to love My Little Pony and when they get screen time that show is often a first pick these […]

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Free Printable Valentine


The above image is the Valentine my 13 year old printed out and sent this year to other kids on a homeschool Valentine’s Exchange. This year, like years past we ended up mailing over 100 valentines. My 5 and 7 year old children love sending them but after all the writing, their little hands did […]

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A Must for Homeschoolers! — Free

If your new to homeschooling or have been doing it for years if you have not yet read this it is a must read!  The Underground History of American Education By John Taylor Gatto You can read it free there but I am not sure for how long so I would start now!  Why do I […]

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