Thankful Challenge – Day 8

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 I am so thankful to be able to homeschool my children! Today I had the displeasure to hear from a public school teacher who reported on how many of the retired teachers she talks to believe all of societies ills are because of attachment parenting. She talked about her 3 year old and how difficult […]

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The Life of a Military Brat


Written by my Daughter Crystal C.      Yes, I am a Military Brat   Just a few days ago, a friend who is also a classmate and I were talking. The words “Military Brat” came up. My friend said “I don’t think it is a good idea to call a military child a “Military Brat”. […]

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Review – K5 Learning – Homeschooling and School Success

191dcdc8c548466d5b2c0d4be913a237c63813e8 K5 Learning is an award winning reading and math program for kids grade K – 5th. StormBaby our 6 year old daughter has been playing with program a bit. Right away she liked the Math as it had bouncing heads go across the screen with a rewarding silly sound. I am not sure why […]

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Do homeschoolers need bedtimes?


   Does your homeschooler need a set bedtime?   Possibly! You see the issue with this question is that no 2 homeschools are the same and I can’t guess at what the needs of your children are or what they are achieving in their day to day lives. Only you know your child best and […]

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Review and Giveaway – My Art Gallery For Kids

MixIt_StoreIt_slider These art galleries are a fantastic way to display your little ones art work and even the great tests they bring home from school! Each frame can easily be added to, even by children and new art can be slipped in front of past work. Each frame can hold up to 35 pieces of […]

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Review: Home Grown Books – Beginning Readers

2014-08-02 22.29.34 Home Grown Books are for emergent readers, little ones that are ready to start learning how the magic of words work. This company offers books and parenting resources to make this learning fun and effective. I am glad to have the change to review them with my own little ones and share how our […]

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Review – Learning is best when it is play – Matics

Matics-7__34774.1405362526.220.220 This game was created by a mom because her son was struggling with some basic math skills.  She wanted a fun way to help him practice and reinforce what he was learning in school.  That mom is also the founder of Kabuki Helps, which has grown into a community of parents and teachers committed to making […]

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My Crunchy Families Dark Secret….


Did you know that the vast majority of crunchy families limit screen time and media? This crunchy family is not though one of those families. Yes we have been in the past and when things get to be too chaotic or seems like we are not connecting on the level we want to be with […]

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3 Little Minecrafters up all night in bed….


  Yes we homeschool and yes our kids play minecraft! It seems like some silly stereo type but this one actually fits us! Of course there are many homeschooling stereo types that don’t fit. We don’t homeschool for religious reasons as we are secular homeschoolers. We are good without god believe it or not! Or […]

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Four Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me about Homeschooling


 Guest Post   I’ve been homeschooling for well over a decade now and every once in a while I sit down and reflect on our beginning years and how much has changed.  Yes, we have three times as many children as we did back in the day. Yes, we now lived in a cramped house […]

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School says threatening to break the school dress code is an act of terrorism!


   I found myself in shocked disbelief as I read the headline about a Georgia Middle school that suspended students for simply planning to break the school dress code in an act of protest against what they feel isn’t a far rule. It isn’t simply the suspension though that creates the shock, it is the […]

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Reason 108 Why We Homeschool – Too many GA school shootings


10 school shooting in Georgia since Newtown Shootings at K-12 schools in red, at colleges/universities in purple. Everytown for Gun Safety/Mark Gongloff   One of the many reasons we homeschool is due to violence in schools. It is not the only reason by far but it does come to mind when we live in a […]

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Keeping Summer Fun With Jumping Words


As many parents know, there is often learning loss that happens over the summer months when kids are out of school. This can happen to homeschoolers like my own or any student. One of the ways we can help prevent the loss is by practicing skills your children already have in fun and creative ways. […]

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Common Core – Another Reason We Homeschool

  It is a question that gets asked often it seems, “What do you think about Common Core?”  You might be expecting this post to be a diatribe of disdain for the government sticking it’s nose in education. That is certainly what you most likely would get from a Fundamentalist Conservative homeschooling parent. I however […]

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Homeschooling: We can’t allow predators to hide behind us.

Monsters Among Us It is with a truly heavy heart that I post about this very sad topic, there are predators hiding in the homeschooling community, and there are those covering up the crimes and shaming the victims. I am lucky to not know any personally but if I did, you know I would not […]

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Reason 29 we Homeschool: Not Pushed Into Drugging Kids


      One of the Many reasons we Homeschool   While there are children who very much need support and care when it comes to their mental and social issues, there seems to be an explosion in the number of children labeled with ADHD and there seems to be a push to get as […]

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Simple Home Made Finger Paint


How to Make Home Made Finger Paints One of the sad things these days is that so many art supplies have chemicals in them and even come from other countries. Sometimes we just want something that is simple and that we know is safe for our children play and create with. Some days we just […]

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Review — Jet Pens Erasable Markers – This Parent Approves!


                    I was delighted to get to try out the Frixion Colors Erasable Markers set as markers can be such a nightmare our home with little ones. I can’t tell you how many times however I have thrown my hands up over markers on walls that […]

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The Things Your Child Might Really Be Learning in School that Parents Are Ignoring


  Are your children learning things you never expected them to in school? I think most parents answer Yes to this. Many try to ignore these issues or just come to accept them as things that can not be helped. Sadly many parents are not even aware there are other options for some. Now before […]

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