Here For Them: Living Longer By Taking Positive Steps

Changing how you eat

Once you have children, the world is whole lot different seen through your eyes. You want to be here long enough to see them become an adult and start a prosperous future for themselves. When they’re little, you start to realize this is not a certainty. You start to live for them, hoping to not […]

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Muay Thai training for children at Bestmuaythai


B y: Kit Nelson Muay Thai is one of the best combat sports and is gaining recognition internationally. It has been originated from Thailand and is a very popular event there. It is one of the most famous forms of martial arts practiced all over the world. It is similar to boxing being a ring […]

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The Rise of The Cybercriminal – A New Age

The 2014 statistics aren’t any more pretty than these from 2013 and the future doesn’t appear all that safer. My own dear wonderful husband is more aware of it all than I am and his job is moving in the direction of cyber security. It requires a lot of schooling but as long as there […]

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Electric Moon Buggies To An Electric Bicycle In Sydney

Electric Moon Buggies to an Electric Bicycle in Sydney Image from Flickr Creative Commons

    In modern day life there is too much focus on ‘the norm’. It seems that everyone wants to be normal, blending into the background like a camouflaged soldier in the Borneo jungle. But let’s be honest; normal is boring. It’s better to be exciting, unique and interesting.   If you are looking for […]

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Guest Post – 7 Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

    A lot of dads struggle to connect with their daughter. Quite often, this can worsen as time progresses; it is often amplified if Mom is always in the picture. Encouraging daddy-daughter dates once every couple weeks or even once a month will allow them to make memories together. This also gives you the […]

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Thanks to hypnotist Justin Tranz, IKEA has been able to help couples get a glimpse into their possible future in this very interesting time travel perception experiment! Justin Tranz is the only hypnotist in history to ever legitimately perform on Broadway, at least so far. He has been on stage over 6,000 times and has […]

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Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy


Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy Image by Stephanie Knowles via Flickr Most young mothers these days are probably not old enough to remember the good old days before the massive expansion of the internet and online shopping. It was not so very long ago that mothers to be either had to rely on someone […]

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The Secret on How to Store Everything!

  As you might imagine, being a military family and moving so much (over 12 times in 16 years!) means knowing how to use storage, specially as our household goods when moving with the military can be stuck in storage for a very long time. Storage when not done correctly can not only take up […]

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Planning Restaurant Parties Don’t Need to Be a Headache


Big parties don’t come around that often; and big events such as birthdays, engagements, or graduations are a great excuse to get everyone together. It’s also easier to pick from the myriad of restaurants and let the staff take care of everything instead of you worrying about catering, cleaning or having enough space for all […]

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Tips for Teaching a Child How to Swim


Hosted Post!   Every child should learn how to swim. Even if you don’t have a pool or live anywhere near a beach it is still important for them to learn. They don’t want to be the one kid at camp that has to sit on the beach while everyone plays in the water. Not […]

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