Thankful Challenge – Day 4


Today I am Thankful For Love that Makes Me Cry   And my sister!     And my husband!   During our mini-vacation this past weekend we all exchanged gifts during my Mothers Alliday celebrations. Yes, I do mean Alliday, look at yesterdays thankful post for more information on this fabulousness. (hush you grammar demons, […]

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Wordless Wednesday – 9/10


  Well maybe a few words…..   As the sunsets on another day, I try to soak in it’s beauty. I am glad the heat of the day goes with that sun, and I welcome the cool evening. The feathered pets run about looking for choice yard delicacies and the kids take the time to […]

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I have the Sweetest Husband

     Askaversary What is an askaversary? It is the word my husband uses when talking about the day he asked me to marry him. Feb 9th, oh so long ago it seems. I was 18 and neither of us knew anything about anything beyond that we wanted to do it all together. So against […]

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Day 32 — The Joy of Love

I was introduced to this class by Aimee Buxton, a fantastic photographer I badly hope I can afford soon. The class for the month is free, and has tips and ideas to inspire. The first day we have to take a photo of what our love does. I thought right away about my husbands job, […]

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Day 1

Another year and another year past and so much has changed, so many ups and downs and turn arounds. You however reading this are well aware of what life is like. It might look a little different than most if you too homeschool, peacefully parent and are over all a bit crunchy. A homebirth is […]

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