Is 35 old?


  In a world where people are living older and older these days, is 35 old? On my birthday today I found myself contemplating my life and future. I feel old in so many way, mostly because fibromyalgia and other auto immune issues. I don’t know what life is like at this age without the […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 4


Today I am Thankful For Love that Makes Me Cry   And my sister!     And my husband!   During our mini-vacation this past weekend we all exchanged gifts during my Mothers Alliday celebrations. Yes, I do mean Alliday, look at yesterdays thankful post for more information on this fabulousness. (hush you grammar demons, […]

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Never marry someone who wouldn’t be a great Daddy


Poster they made Dad for Fathers Day. Yes, he let the 4 kids eat most of the candy! LOL They knew he would! When I was a teenager I was a wild little thing. I wanted to get out into the world and experience everything life had to offer and to heck with the rules. […]

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I have the Sweetest Husband

     Askaversary What is an askaversary? It is the word my husband uses when talking about the day he asked me to marry him. Feb 9th, oh so long ago it seems. I was 18 and neither of us knew anything about anything beyond that we wanted to do it all together. So against […]

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Marriage Takes Work: Go on a Date already!


 I have been married to 15 years now and things are great! Friends and Family often comment about how little my husband and I argue and how great we are together. Of course reality is that things are not always wonderful and that Marriage takes work. You get what you put in. I was asked […]

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How am I this lucky? – 15 years


      15 years ago I was but a girl, a head strong, wild, hard to hold on to girl. I had experienced so much and knew heart break and betrayal. I lived with passion, a force of nature some said. I was not down to earth, I was not predictable. I was a […]

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Mom knows she is stressed when….

her nails look like this: I had long beautiful nails for a while now. Nicely manicured and making me feel a tad more elegant than my sorry nerdy goddess mommy self actually is. Today though I found myself biting them all off. Stressed is the term I believe one would use. My health is stressing […]

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My sister married a girl!

 I feel so very lucky to have been able to come to my sisters wedding. It was a beautiful service full of the fun one can expect with a bridal party full of little children! It was just so…. “gay” in that old fashioned way. Full of joy. So many people worked to make the […]

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Getting Husband to Help!

 I must admit that my husband helps around the house a lot. He does more cooking than I do even. He changes diapers even! There really is nothing he will not do if asked. He however forgets a lot, or rather procrastinates like most of us. So I left him a note. Then I posted […]

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How do crunchy parents fight?

The same way you do I would imagine. There is no one right to argue any more than there is a right way to parent. I can however tell you what training in non-violent communication and peaceful parenting has done for my marriage. I think knowing what works for you and what doesn’t is so […]

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Raising children with a healthy and scientific sexuality.

            First Love is Love.  With that out of the way I want to dive into a too often scary topic of raising our children to have healthy sex lives. We can not leave this task to society. We need to give our children the facts and help them make […]

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Day 145

Long before my husband and I knew we would date we were just good friends. One day he showed up while our other friends where busy and asked if I would go some place I had been wanting to visit, a few hours north, Salem Ma. I thought for sure my mother would say no, […]

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