Military Issues – Deployment Pets


 Life can be hard for Furry Military Family Members! While it is true all military life is hard, it can specially be true of pets. Too many end up in shelters for so many sad reasons. This isn’t because military families are heartless, often it is the last thing they want to do but one […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 18

  How often do you move in the military? How often one moves in the military really depends on the branch and the job the service member has. For us we moved bases 9 times in 16 years and lived in over a dozen houses. This military family life has sent us all over the […]

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Never marry someone who wouldn’t be a great Daddy


Poster they made Dad for Fathers Day. Yes, he let the 4 kids eat most of the candy! LOL They knew he would! When I was a teenager I was a wild little thing. I wanted to get out into the world and experience everything life had to offer and to heck with the rules. […]

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Helping Teens With Military Moves


  It is said that a military move is as hard on teens as divorce and dealing with death even. I have come to see how true this is with my own teen. Since her friend moved a few months back and then our own move, things have been specially hard on our oldest daughter. […]

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Military Life – Maybe you shouldn’t live on Post


   The Military is Going Green, maybe. There is this wonderful spirit of caring for the planet that is circling around the military. While I love going green, I think maybe military housing is using it though as an excuse to increase their profits. Military housing is now run by private companies and not our […]

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Military Life: Part 3 — PCS House Hunting

Back to Part 2 Military Life: PCSing with the military  It is worth it to go house hunting No, the military doesn’t really cover this before the PCS move, while they will allow 10 days when you get to the post for housing hunting, if your doing to DITY (PPM) that can turn into a costly […]

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Military Life: PCSing with the military – Part 2

Back to Part 1 on how our move is going Part 2 – PCSing with the military and house hunting A standard move for the Army starts with orders that one tends to get 1-6 months notice on. Orders come down and they let you know where you are moving. In our case, Fort Gordon. […]

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Military Life: It is worth house hunting when PCSing!

    We are moving! Chances are friends, family, and blog readers already know this! I promised I would post an update and so here it is. Military moves can be hard. We have done so very many of them over the years and I thought with time the would be less stressful but to […]

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A Stranger Made This Military Wife Cry

  While out shopping a few days ago at a very unlikely place, Walmart, with my husband and 2 of our children something unexpected happened. We had gone there as we rarely do because we happened to be under a time crunchy for the birthday party the next day for 2 of our children. They […]

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5 Ways to How to Help When Your Soldier Has PTSD


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can strike anyone, as the disorder’s named, being a part of a traumatic situation can cause this to occur. High stress combat zones and trauma beyond normal will cause most people to experience some symptoms of PTSD. These triggers manifest in certain situations or locations, and this disorder may not emerge […]

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