Disney•Pixar’s COCO – For the love of family and music!

COCO movie review

COCO opens in theaters everywhere on November 22nd! Disney Pixar’s COCO is everything one could want it to be. It is a glimpse into a beautiful culture with old traditions and shares truths about the very essence of family.    From fables and myths to places of pure imagination to cultural beliefs, Disney and Pixar bring so […]

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BRAVE is Coming!

OPENING JUNE 22nd!  This fantastic movie is almost here! Lucky for me, very lucky, I get to go see a Premier of it Wednesday night. I am taking my 12 year old daughter and my 4 year old daughter and also my Husband. I wanted to take my older girls because I believe this might […]

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Movie Review — BRAVE

         Tonight was a wonderful night in part because of a wonderful mother that watched a few of my littles for us and a great deal in part because of the new Disney Pixar movie BRAVE! It was wonderful, as in full of wonder. If you read my blog often you know […]

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