Counting blessings this October


      With my Fathers Cancer news a few weeks ago my head has been spinning honestly and seeing clearly has been hard. The shock and sorrow comes in waves but so to does the realization that none of us are promised tomorrow so we must make the most of Today. October is a […]

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Keeping My Kids Safe on Youtube!


If you follow my blog and social media then perhaps you recall my struggle with the littles and Youtube! You see with 4 kids here who love YouTube it can feel like a part time job just helping them manage the content they want to see, keeping them safe from content we don’t want them […]

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You know you homeschool when your child asks for a DNA Extractor for Christmas!


  My dear sweet boy who just turned 9 has a lot going on! He is lucky to be able to spend so much time working on his passions, currently he has put a lot of thought into his future. He wants to be a scientist and he wants to create Dinosaurs. Why boy doesn’t […]

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Wordless Wednesday – 9/10


  Well maybe a few words…..   As the sunsets on another day, I try to soak in it’s beauty. I am glad the heat of the day goes with that sun, and I welcome the cool evening. The feathered pets run about looking for choice yard delicacies and the kids take the time to […]

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Mr. Handsome – How to get him to cut his hair!


  Normally we follow this simple belief in our home. His hair, his choice. This goes for clothing, and all sorts of things and for all the kids. As we are crunchy and have crunchy values we believe it is his body and his choice so when he was a baby we didn’t get him […]

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Birthday Fun for our 6 and 8 year old children!


  This year like others for our middle children we planned a family birthday party. We had asked them like we do each year if they wanted their party together or on their own and like years past they choose together. I picked a date and having no relatives close here we invited just their […]

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NaNoWriMo = Park Days!


  NaNoWriMo means a lot of things to a lot of people. Almost 300,000 people are writing crazy novels this month and for most of them that means coffee shops, dark rooms, too much caffeine, and not seeing the sun much! For a few of us though that are parents, it means as many park […]

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Why we finally got the kids Minecraft


 Who would want to Play Minecraft? When first I heard about minecraft and how much other homeschool kids loved it I got on and learned a bit about it. I admit, the sucky graphics are why I dismissed the game out of hand. I am a gamer, a geek, a nerd, a mommy who gets […]

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You know it is summer when….


As a mother your willing to give up your sons beautiful curls for a shorter cut!   Mommy Loves His Curls! My son has always had beautiful curls when his hair is long and in his 7 years of life more often than not his hair has been long. For much of his life he […]

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The Best Curriculum Search — 1st Grade

What curriculum are we going to use next year? This is a question on the minds of many homeschoolers and I am among that group. I already explained where I am in the search so far for my soon to be 7th grader and now I am going to share my thoughts on our 1st […]

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Teaching Hard Work

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Tebow The best way to teach hard work is by showing how hard you are willing to work.  A dear friend has gotten her first house. She was going to pay someone to paint the walls for her but DH and I told her […]

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Wordless Wednesday

(Ok, a few words. This is Mr. Handsome with his hamster Snowy, and his sisters hamster Ponyo) 

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Hamster Love!

All my children love their Hamsters. We have three little guys. Knowing their hamster love I knew I needed special shirts for our 6 and 4 year old children. This is Mr. Handsome very happy with his new shirt on Christmas morning. He later insisted on putting that shirt on for the day. He actually […]

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Dec 11th — Craft FAIL. Again.

  So we tried making string ornaments a few days ago and it failed. We changed a few supplies and went at it, again. This is what we started with: Simple enough right?  A balloon.  String 1 part white glue, 2 parts water.  Lots of mess.   Hang to dry.  Right?  -sigh-   So me and my 6 […]

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Dec 7th — Wordless Wednesday

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Day 27

A friend who is a talented photographer (I have a few thank goodness) reminds me that not all photos have to be posed and to just capture the moment, and follow what catches your eye. I hope I never forget how brave and wonderful my little Handsome is. Blue toe nails and all.

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October 22nd

Fall is here and soon little cousin will be back off to Grandmas. We have really enjoyed having him here. He is a such a sweetie. I wanted to get a photo with them all together, my mothers biological grandchildren all together. I should have learned how to pose children for such photos as it […]

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October 4th — Video Games

One might wonder why a waldorf inspired homeschool family would support video games, or for that matter be a military family, the latter I have spoken of before and will again, but for now let me explain former. My husband and I are Geeks. Is it that simple? Course not. We would not expose our […]

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Sept 7th — Nerf vs Felt Monsters

Project Items: Large Board Large Piece of felt (Buy off the roll at a place like Jo-Anns) Staple Gun and staples for it. Standard sized pieces of colored felt Nerf Guns with velcro darts! Last year we found that we had most of this sitting around the house, all but the large piece of felt, […]

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Sept 5th — Felt Boards and Hedgehogs

A new school year brings new life into our black felt board. We have a very large felt board and it has not seen much action since we moved here last winter. Thanks to another brilliant mother (Crystal!) I was inspired to pull it out and get back to using it. Here are the first […]

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