Why is no one telling moms this about Health Savings Accounts?

Health is a topic important to Moms. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this! Yet no one seems to be talking to is us Moms straight about what is actually going on with Health Savings Accounts. The “well off” talking heads on the news keep mentioning them, but there are things they aren’t […]

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Something Awesome is going on at your Post Office right now! – News


I am sure by now you know there is a total Eclipse going on in August! If you are lucky you will be able to see it if you happen to be in this path when it happens. The total eclipse will cross 14 states from the west coast to the east coast! There will […]

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Fuzzy Wonderz – Is it real?


Check out our Unboxing and Review of the Fuzzy Wonderz As a mommy blogger I love reviewing products with my kids. I love researching the companies, finding out what others think, and really diving into a product. When I saw Fuzzy Wonders pop up on my facebook wall I was a bit shocked I had […]

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School says threatening to break the school dress code is an act of terrorism!


   I found myself in shocked disbelief as I read the headline about a Georgia Middle school that suspended students for simply planning to break the school dress code in an act of protest against what they feel isn’t a far rule. It isn’t simply the suspension though that creates the shock, it is the […]

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Hobby Lobby — Was the ruling really political or religious and where does it end?


I often say that in the end, I could always be wrong, and this is certainly one of those times. I really didn’t believe that the American court system would uphold an businesses right to make medical choices for employees. I though finally there would be an end to companies like Hobby Lobby trying to […]

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Should you duct tape your child to the floor for nap time?


  I think when asked most parents would say that they absolutely would never duct tape a child to the floor for nap time. Right? It seems though one private Montessori school (Heart 2 Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park) thinks it is a good idea. Why else would they have reported done it to […]

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Mom is supposed to snow like that in Egypt?


  The short answer: No, sweety, this isn’t very common! The Washington Post says is a Biblical snowstorm: Rare flakes in Cairo, Jerusalem paralyzed by over a foot and that some sources are reporting this is the first snow fall in places like Cairo. Places like Jerusalem are now at a stand still!  Source: spaghettigods The Pyramids Aren’t Supposed […]

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NEWS: Bank repossessed wrong home

The news today was grim but not for the normal reasons, this one caught off guard but I am sure not as off guard as it did for the home owner. Ohio homeowner Katie Barnett came home from a two week vacation to find that she couldn’t get in her house. She tried her key, […]

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Oklahoma Tornado Disaster: What NOT to do!


Image: BenHolcomb.com    One of the best times to see human goodness can be after a disaster. We see heroes on TV like teachers who shielded children with their own bodies to protect them. We see rescue workers who will not stop until they have done all they can. We see donations flood in to […]

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Can we please hold off on the conspiracy theories?


Within a hand full of hours after the Boston Bombing I saw my social network flooded with conspiracy theories. I am not talking about the normal wondering most of us do, the side comments on posts, I am talking about the full on horrible head lines with photos and red circles and fear mongering. It […]

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The Bombing in Boston

14072_10200213788801388_977448497_n (1)

Another Day, Another Bombing. This afternoon a post on my facebook wall went by, it reported a blast had been heard in Boston a few hours after the first runner finished the marathon. I thought to myself, I hope no one is hurt, and darkly, I hope it is domestic and not foreign. Maybe I […]

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Could the Government Take Your Banked Money?

  Most of my fellow Americans are well aware of the sequester we are dealing with at the moment. As a military wife I have spent a lot of time researching how it might effect my family and those we care about. Many Americans are seen complaining but what are we actually doing? We simply […]

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News: Hobby Lobby Files Lawsuit Against Health Care Law


Yesterday I was very disappointed to read news about Hobby Lobby filing a lawsuit challenging the health care law that passed in this country because they do not feel they should have to provide health care to women to cover birth control to include the morning after pill that they consider abortion as it is […]

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FBI shutting down internet July 9th for Some

    Don’t Freak Out! The FBI in a new move to keep up with hackers, also known to some as internet terrorist, are planning on blocking internet access to some 60,000 computers who have Malware on them. This is not permanent and not action against the user but a move to help correct a large issue. […]

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Crunchy Moms Opinion – Time Cover Breastfeeding

Breast feeding seems to be hitting the mainstream media as if it was almost normal. Good thing it is normal! First there was the uproar over the oreo “basic instinct” print AD. I think it is adorable personally. Kraft’s AD said that this was supposed to be a Korean one time use AD and not […]

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Moms Can’t Afford To Work. What now

  In an enlightening article by CNN Money light is shed on the harsh realities many mothers face, the one where they would work simply to pay someone else to raise their children as they could not make enough for much more than that.   It spoke of a public school teacher that at the end […]

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9-Year Old Gave Birth

 In America we often talk about how bad teen pregnancy is. What about pre-teens? Before we jump into this lets look at some numbers the teenage pregnancy rate was the lowest in 30 years in 2005. It has since gone up a few percent but is much better than the 90%. Abortion is also a […]

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Utah Ignoring Reality – Passes Abstinence-Only Bill

   I never thought I would see schools in America so clearly ignore reality this badly.   Utah has passed a legislative bill to teach abstinence only sexual education. Without hardly a whisper this bill was passed.  Another step between reality and Utah.  I am worried for my daughters who might some day come across those who […]

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Pastor Attacks Breastfeeding

     WSAV- TV in Savannah, reported on this story of a Pastor among other things comparing a breastfeeding mother to a stripper. Are you shocked yet? You should be. Unless of course your used to people being ignorant and in my opinion perverted. You know my opinion on this right? Georgia mother Nirvana Jennette was […]

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Shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio

Today is a day of sorrow as what should be a sacred safe place has be ripped apart by violence.  A shooting has occurred at Chardon High School near Cleveland, Ohio, One student entered the building and shot 5 student, killing one.  The school was put on lock down and  parents frantic to get to their […]

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