A Girl Broken – A Mother Held Together With Thread


    I wish they could see who I really am. A girl that was broken and now a mother held together with thread. I was told that certain people don’t tell me things, don’t tell me the truth, because they feel like I am perfect. They feel like I couldn’t understand. The dishonesty though […]

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Not the sharpest tack on Chrome

If your like many Americans, you might have issues with grammar. I certainly do and it isn’t a secret. My life is an open book, a sometimes poorly written open book. It started perhaps when I was a tiny innocent baby and my well meaning parents vaccinated me. I got very sick, fevers of 106 […]

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Not a Perfect Blogger

I am not a perfect Blogger! Who would have thought right? If you read my blog you know this all too well to be true. I don’t have the spotless house, I don’t have a spotless blog, and nothing about my spelling or style is perfect in any way shape or form. It is real, […]

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