Giveaway – #EarthMamaAngelBaby Perfect for New Moms – Ends 9/1


Big Push Birth & Baby Kit Earth Mama Angel Baby is a brand I have loved for years. Knowing I was expecting again I knew I wanted to gather many of their products to help support my pregnancy and specially for after birth. This company understands the importance of using safe products and I know […]

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GOTS Fabric – A Beautiful Eco-friendly Choice!


GOTS Fabric – one step closer to living an organic, eco-friendly, and socially conscious life!  GUEST POST BY: Melanie RG. She is a teacher, a scientist, and a seamstress who encourages her two children to get dirty exploring the garden while observing all the wonders of Nature. Follow her adventures in sewing, organic gardening, and homeschooling […]

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The smoothie not to miss! Antioxidant Packed Bliss!


The nutribullet is wildly popular right now and maybe with good reason! Unlike most blenders it actually can handle seeds and peels and unlike juicers you don’t lose the fiber and so much more. So why drink an Antioxidant smoothie at least once a week? Because Antioxidants are great for your immune system. They can […]

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A great snack for the baby Bag – ProBar Fruition

Probar Fruition was kind enough to send my not so little family their bars to try. I was excited about this as each one is a full serving of fruit, they keep well in the baby bag, and they are vegan, not that my family is but we have friends who are and it is […]

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Easy Healthy Snacks — Parenting Advice

Chances are if your reading this that your a busy parent who sometimes despite your parental super powers needs a quick snack to run out the door with for your children. By easy, I mean really easy! No cooking classes or scouring for online recipes needed! A friend asked me about healthy snacks admitting that too […]

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Review — Earths Best Yummy Tummy Oatmeal

Bring on Breakfast!      Or rather, in this case Dinner!    Breakfast benefits a busy day for lots of reasons. But the biggest benefit isn’t from just any breakfast, but from a nutrient rich breakfast. Study after study, from as far back as the 1950s, have consistently shown that children who eat a well-balanced, […]

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Guest Blog: The Positive Benefits Of Involving Your Children In The Food Selection Process

The Positive Benefits Of Involving Your Children In The Food Selection Process Children learn by observing others, making it extremely important for parents to set a good example when it comes to food choices. When children are involved in the selection process, they learn how to choose between healthy and unhealthy foods. The nutritional principles […]

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Happy to be an Earth’s Best Blogger! — Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway <a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>. I am thrilled to have been invited to be an Earths Best blogger. Earths best knows how much parents care about quality nutrition, they must know that Crunchy parents really focus on it. Organics are not something optional, they are sought out and […]

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Original Sprout Luxury Review and Giveaway!

Original Sprout Worry-Free Luxury Being a crunchy parent often being knowing things I wish I didn’t. Such as how harmful chemicals can be found in many main stream baby products. I did a blog piece on this a bit ago “Best for baby or Toxic” and I wanted to follow up on it more after […]

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