The smoothie not to miss! Antioxidant Packed Bliss!


The nutribullet is wildly popular right now and maybe with good reason! Unlike most blenders it actually can handle seeds and peels and unlike juicers you don’t lose the fiber and so much more. So why drink an Antioxidant smoothie at least once a week? Because Antioxidants are great for your immune system. They can […]

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Earths Best Review – Organic Fruit and Grain Purees

New Earth’s Best Organic Fruit and Grain Purees hit shelves last month! They are discribed by many already as delicious and my house hold happens to agree! How would we know if this new product was yummy as it is aimed at +6 months and up crowd you might be wondering? Because we tried it. Yes, […]

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A great snack for the baby Bag – ProBar Fruition

Probar Fruition was kind enough to send my not so little family their bars to try. I was excited about this as each one is a full serving of fruit, they keep well in the baby bag, and they are vegan, not that my family is but we have friends who are and it is […]

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